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Class 28 Dermatology

Dr. He's Derm

Macule Primary skin lesion
Papule Primary skin lesion
blister Primary skin lesion
pustule Primary skin lesion
nodule Primary skin lesion
Wheal Primary skin lesion
Tumor on the skin Primary skin lesion
ulceration Secondary skin lesion
What is the best choice for treating a skin lesion that is oozing? Washing
What is the best choice for treating a skin lesion in the acute stage Lotion
Vinegar usually can be used externally to treat Tinea
Formula for treating Tinea? Fu Fang Tu Jin Pi Ting
What is the best formula to use for chronic eczema d/t blood deficiency? Si Wu Tang and Dang Gui Yin Zi
Ring like pattern with severe itching Tinea
Chronic dermatitis, pruritus on the finger, w/out obvious cause Eczema
Red macules on the neck and itching which is d/t a mosquito bite Insect Dermatitis
Silvery Plaque over skin Psoriasis
Male has large, red patches all over his trunk and face after eating shrimp Urticaria
Eczema can usually be divided into Acute, Sub-acute, Chronic
Drug dermatitis can manifest as Exfoliation
Itching, the most common symptom in dermatitis, is caused mostly by which pathological changes? Wind, Damp, Heat, Dry, Insect Bite
What is the best formula to use for eczema d/t wind heat? Xiao Feng Sang
Lichenoid change in skin is d/t Blood deficiency and wind-dryness
Scaly skin is caused by Dryness from blood deficiency
Liver and kidney deficiency appear in the following Pigmentation, disease of hair and nail, disease of connective tissue
Shingles are most prevalent in Autumn and Spring
The best formula to treat shingles Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Chronic hives are d/t Wei qi deficiency
Chronic hives are treated with Yu Ping Feng San
Psoriasis happens more often in Winter
Treat scabies externally with Sulfur products
Erysipelas Lymph system inflammation
Treat skin dryness d/t Kidney yin deficiency w/ Zuo Gui Yin, Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang
Scrofula is caused by Phlegm or phlegm-heat
3 Contagious skin disease Scabies, Tinea, Shingles
6 herbs to stop itching Bai Xian Pi, Cang Er Zu, Chi Ji Li, Di Fu Zi, Ku Shen, Mai Chi Xian
Created by: DTLAc