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Verbs 2

Useful French verbs 2

avoir to have
faire to make or do
être to be
dire to say
savoir to know
répeter to repeat
colorier to colour
ranger to tidy
ramasser to collect
crier to yell
arrèter to stop
commencer to start
finir to finish
dessiner to draw
apprendre to learn
glisser to slide
lancer to throw
frapper to clap or hit
attraper to catch
båtir to build
voler to fly
partager to share
telephoner to phone
grimper to climb
aller to go
emprunter to borrow
attendre to wait
decider to decide
oublier to forget
cuisiner to cook
prendre to take
garder to keep
laisser to leave (something)
rire to laugh
voir to see
vouloir to want
pouvoir to be able to
perdre to lose
habiter to live (in or at)
détester to hate
gagner to win
frotter to rub
laver to wash
entendre to hear
discuter to discuss
coucher to lie down
arriver to arriver
partir to leave (a place)
enlever to lift
lever to stand
préparer to prepare
tourner to turn
patiner to skate
boire to drink
Created by: Madame Harris