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Internet a global network of computers
Browser a tool to help access the World Wide Web
Search Engine a program to help you find webpages on the internet
WWW(World Wide Web) a system of Internet servers that support specially formatted documents
Website a collection of webpages that belong to one domain or owner
Webpage a single document viewable through a browser
Web address the identifying address for a file, or webpage, on the internet
URL(Uniform Resource Locator) reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.
Index of the web  listing of the contents of the internet
Deep web parts of the web not indexed by standard search engines
Home page initial or main document of a website
Query word or phrase you use for searching
Search Engine Results page(s) displayed in response to a query
Parts of a search engine result title, web address, snippet
Title first line in search engine result
Snippet a small sample of content
Cached page a snapshot of a document
Spider a program that visits web sites and uses information to create search results
h t t p - hyper text transfer protocol rules that allow data to be exchanged between computers on the web
cookie piece of information set by a server to a browser.(registration, user preference, shopping cart, etc.)
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