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chp. 6

Define shot. A continuously recorded stream of evolving image.
Video language sentence? Shot.
Video language paragraph? Scene.
Video language chapter? Sequence.
what definition camera angles? Distinctive, identifiable way of framing.
Give two examples of camera angles named by subject distance? Extreme long shot and close-up.
Give two examples of camera angles named by horizontal angles? Front angle and three- quarter angle.
Give two examples of camera angles named by height? Birds-eye angle and high angle..
Give two examples of camera angles named by lens perspective? Wide- angle and telephone
Give two examples of camera angles named by shot purpose? Extreme long and extreme closeup
Give two examples of camera angles named by shot population? Front- angle and three- quarter shot
Explain why DVEs are so widely used in commercials and music videos? DVEs are effective attention- grabbers
What is program? Any complete video presentation.
What is cut together? To follow one shot with another.
What is wide angle lens A lens or a setting on a zoom lens that minimize subject and magnifies apparent depth by filling the frame with a broad angle of view.
What is Dissolve A fade-in that coincidences with a fade-out ,so that the incoming shots gradually replaces the outgoing shot.
What is Fade out A transition in which the image begins at full brightness and gradually darkens to pure black.
What is Wipe A transition in which a line moves across the screen, covering the outgoing shot with the incoming shot.
What is Jump cut An edit in which the incoming shot is to similar to the outgoing shot.
What is Image A single set of visual
What is Fram
What is POV
What is Act
What is setup
What is Shot
What is Scene
What is Camera angle
What is Match point
What is Contiunity
What is DVE
What is Sequence
What is Telephone
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