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Jekyll Summary

'Jekyll & Hyde' Chapter Summary GCSE English Ormerod

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 - The Story of the Door Utterson and Enfield go for a walk. The scene is set with a description of a 'sordid' house on a prosperous street. Enfield tells the story of the little girl who was trampled by Hyde.
Chapter 2 - Search for Mr Hyde Utterson re-reads Jekyll's will - we learn everything is to be left to Hyde. Utterson visits Lanyon and learns that he no longer sees Jekyll as their ideas about science clash. Utterson is unsettled by a meeting with Hyde.
Chapter 3 - Dr Jekyll was Quite at Ease Utterson is invited to Jekyll's dinner party. He tries to talk to Jekyll about his will. Jekyll clearly has something to hide.
Chapter 4 - The Carew Murder Case Hyde brutally murders Sir Danvers Carew (observed by the maid). Utterson and the police search for Hyde at his Soho house.
Chapter 5 - Incident of the Letter Jekyll is 'deadly sick' after Carew's murder. Jekyll claims Hyde has gone and produces a letter written by Hyde as evidence. Guest identifies writing as Jekyll's.
Chapter 6 - Remarkable Incident of Dr Lanyon Jekyll's behaviour is back to normal for a while. After two months he retreats from society. Utterson finds Lanyon shockingly changed. Lanyon dies and leaves Utterson an envelope. Contains another envelope to be opened after Jekyll's death.
Chapter 7 - Incident at the Window Jekyll talks to Utterson & Enfield from the window of his laboratory. He is about to turn into Hyde. Poole visits Utterson because he is worried about Jekyll.
Chapter 8 - The Last Night Poole visits Utterson because he is worried about Jekyll. At Jekyll's house the servants are terrified. Utterson breaks down the locked door to Jekyll's cabinet. Hyde is dead on the floor.
Chapter 9 - Dr Lanyon's Narrative Lanyon's letter tells of his meeting with Hyde and of witnessing his transformation back to Jekyll.
Chapter 10 - Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case Jekyll tells the story of how he turned into Hyde. It began as scientific curiosity in man's dual nature. He became addicted to the character of Hyde, who increasingly took over and destroyed him.
Created by: lesleycollins