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Flipped Study Guide

Personal Narrative Review

Incident Event that happened to you. Exposition/Beginning of story
Response Reaction to Incident: Includes characters' actions, dialogue, emotions, feelings, and details. Rising Action and Climax of story
Reflection Looking back and thinking about how the incident/response changed you. Falling Action and Resolution of story
My Superpowers model text What is the incident in the story? Dan Greenburg would get bullied by Vernon on his way home from school.
My Superpowers model text What is the response in the story? Dan became a madman and chased the bullies away, and he kissed Ann Cohn.
My Superpowers model text What is the reflection in the story? Dan became a writer and experienced real adventures with real heroes.
Define Point of View (POV) The perspective of who is telling the story
What are 2 Points of View in a story? 1st Person POV 3rdf Person POV
What are key words/pronouns used in 1st Person POV? I, we, us, our, me, mine, my
What are key words/pronouns used in 3rd Person POV? he, she, him, her, they, them
This is an example of what Point of View? Mr. Kochert yelled at him from across the room. 3rd Person POV
This is an example of what Point of View? Mr. Kochert and I yelled at them for talking too loudly. 1st Person POV
Define Characterization A characters physical and personality traits such as: appearance, actions, dialogue, thoughts/feelings, and what others say about the character
What are 2-3 character traits for Juli Baker? Persistent, Hard-working, Creative
What are 2-3 character traits for Bryce Loski? Judgmental, A coward, Superficial
Define Internal Conflict A struggle/problem inside a character; usually with their thoughts/feelings/emotions
Define External Conflict A struggle/problem with an outside force
What are 3 examples of External Conflict? Character vs. Character (Man vs. Man) Character vs. Nature (Man vs. Nature) Character vs. Society (Man vs. Society)
What are 4 strategies to help figure out tricky and/or confusing vocabulary? Context Clue Read On Reread Synonyms
Define Simile Figurative Language where a writer compares two unlike things using "like" or "as"
Define Metaphor Figurative Language where a writer compares two unlike things without using "like" or "as"
Simile or Metaphor? Mr. Lochmueller runs like a turtle. Simile
Simile or Metaphor? Mr. Garman's muscles are granite. Metaphor
Define Theme The life lesson, or moral, learned from a story.
Examples of a Theme from a story Always help others in need Survival Treat others with respect
What is the Theme of Flipped? Don't judge a book by its cover.
Define symbolism When a word, idea, and/or object represent something greater or another idea.
What did the sycamore tree symbolize? Friendship and/or Companionship
What did the eggs symbolize? Friendship and/or The fragility of life
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