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Jekyll Characters

'Jekyll & Hyde' revision notes CHARACTERS GCSE English Ormerod

Dr Henry Jekyll Respected doctor. Prosperous. Reputable. Moral. Well established in his social circle. Known for his decency and charitable works. 'Sly'.Secretly undertakes experiments to separate the good & evil sides of his personality which brings Mr Hyde into being.
Mr Edward Hyde Strange. Repugnant. Looks pre-human. Violent & cruel. Without conscience. Described as ugly & deformed but no-one can say exactly why. Not of the natural world.
Mr Utterson Friend of Jekyll. Well-respected lawyer. Rational. Reserved. Formal. Tolerant. Trusted. Curious. The reader sees events/evidence through Utterson.
Dr Lanyon Friend of Jekyll. Reputable London doctor. Man of science. Rational. Sceptical about Jekyll's mysticism - causes a falling out between them. Dies after becoming ill from the shock of seeing Hyde/Jekyll transform.
Mr Richard Enfield Distant relative & friend of Mr Utterson. Relates the story of Hyde trampling the little girl. Has own hidden private life.
Sir Danvers Carew Prominent politician murdered by Hyde. Elderly. Gentlemanly. 'Beautiful'. Carries letter addressed to Utterson.
Poole Jekyll's butler. Worked for Jekyll for 20 years. Loyal. Concern for his master causes him to seek Utterson's help.
The Maid Observes Carew's murder. Fanciful. Romantic.
Hyde's servant Gives the appearance of propriety. Closed-mouthed about Hyde's evil doings. Seems to take delight in the fact that Hyde has gotten into trouble.
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