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Ballet Definitions

These are the ballet translations for 9th Block UNIQUE dance clas.

5 positions of the feet and arms (learn from picture)
Barre A sturdy horizontal handrail, approximately waist height, used during ballet warm-up exercises and training
Barre Exercises Barre exercise are the first section of a ballet class
Demi Half
En Pointe On the tips of the toes
Relevé To rise
Tendu To stretch or pull
Cambré Arched (bend at the waist- front, side or back)
Plié Demi or Grand Bend (of the knees) Half or Big
Arabesque Arabic
Degagé To disengage
En croix In the shape of a cross
Port de bras Carriage of the arms
Bras Bas Low arms
Fondu To melt or melted
Center Work Ballet center exercises, or center work, is the second portion of the class that takes place away from the barre.
Pas de bourrée step of bourrée Bourrée was a courtly dance of the middle ages (Baroque)
Pas de chat Step of the cat
Glissade to glide
Assemblé to assemble
Soutenu sustained
Passé passed
Sauté to jump
Changement to change
Rond de jambe Circular movement of the leg
Pirouette to whirl or spin
Fouetté whipped
Across the Floor Across the Floor is the third section of a ballet class. These skills travel from one point in the room to another.
Chassé to chase
Grand jeté big throw
Chainé chain or link
Grand Battement big beating
Tour jeté thrown turn
Tombé to fall
Bourrée (en couru) Bourrée in a run Quick, even movements, often en pointe, giving the appearance of gliding
Piqué Pricked
Created by: cupcakedancer9