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Pulse Descriptions

[SCUHS - OM Diagnosis I ] Pulse Descriptions

Superficial (Floating) Easily felt with a gentle touch, like a piece of wood floating on water
Deep Felt only on heavy pressure like a stone in water
Slow Less than four beats per breath (<60/min)
Rapid More than five beats per breath (>90/min)
Deficient (Empty) Forceless pulse felt in the 3 regions and on the 3 levels; big but soft and empty on stronger pressure
Excess (Full) Forceful pulse felt in the 3 regions and on the 3 levels of pressure
Surging (Overflowing) Broad, large and forceful like the ocean waves which come with force but fade away
Thready (Fine,Thin) Like a fine thread but very distinct and clear
Rolling (Slippery) Smooth and flowing like pearls rolling on a dish
Hesitant (Choppy) Rough and jagged like a knife scraping bamboo; moves slowly like a sick silkworm eating a leaf; changes rapidly in rate and quality
String-taut (Wiry) Straight and forceful, like the string of a violin
Tense (Tight) Twisted and forceful like a tightly stretched rope, may vibrate side to side
Soft (Weak-floating) Superficial, thready and soft, like a strand of silk floating on the water
Weak Deep and thready without strength
Abrupt (Hasty) Hurried and rapid with irregular missed beats
Knotted Slow with irregular missed beats
Regularly Intermittent (Intermittent) Slow and weak with missed beats at regular intervals
Created by: rawginpi