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P025 Lens Optics

DIGITAL ZOOM A camera feature that crops the image to a smaller size, making it appear larger, but resulting in a loss of quality.
OPTICAL ZOOM Zoom feature moves that the glass in the lens (elements) to change the increase the magnification and angle of view (image size) without affecting the quality.
FOCAL LENGTH The distance between the optical center of the lens and the focal plane, and it determines the magnification, compression and angle of view of an image.
IMAGE STABILIZTATION A lens feature to reduce blurring that is caused by slight movements of the camera during exposure at slower shutter speeds.
LENS FLARE Lens flare appears as round hazzy artifacts in an image due to internal reflections inside the lens when pointed toward a bright point of light.
LENS SHADE A device used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare
NORMAL LENS a lens that reproduces a field of view that appears "natural" to a human observer.
TELEPHOTO LENS A lens with a focal length that is longer than normal. As a lens gets more telephoto, its magnifiction increases and its angle of view decreases.
WIDE ANGLE LENS A lens with a focal length that is shorter than normal. As a lens gets more wide-angle, its field of view increases.
MACRO LENS A special type of lens or lens setting used for photographing objects at extremely close distances.
ZOOM A lens that has a variable focal length, often wide-angle to telephoto, that allows photographers to change how much of a scene can be captured by the camera.
PRIME LENS a lens that has a fixed focal length, not a zoom lens.
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