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AI SERVO MODE Pressing the shutter button halfway auto-focuses and CONTINUALLY re-focuses as the distance to subject changes
APERTURE An opening that changes in size to control the amount of light passing through the lens of the camera.
APERTURE PRIORITY MODE Shooting mode where the user manually sets the aperture and ISO, the camera selects the correct shutter speed for exposure, often used to control depth of field.
AUTO FOCUS Automatically focuses on the subject in the center of the viewfinder. Some cameras can focus on a user selected point or area.
CCD SENSOR (Charged coupled device) The sensor device used to capture light and convert it to a pixel based image inside a digital camera.
CENTER WEIGHTED METER Averages the exposure across the entire frame, but gives added emphasis (weight) to the central part of the image.
CONTINUOUS SHOOTING MODE Camera shoots pictures continuously if shutter release is held down.
EXPOSURE COMPENSATION Over-ride the automatic exposure settings where the camera's meter is incorrect such as backlighting.
F-STOP A fraction that measures of the size of the aperture opening on a camera.
FOCAL PLANE The point in a camera where light is focused by the lens, and is where the CCD or film is positioned.
HISTOGRAM A bar graph representing the pixels exposed in an image with 256 shades from black (left) to white (right)
HOT SHOE A mounting point on the top of some cameras to attach a more powerful external flash unit or other accessory
ISO / SENSITIVITY A system used to measure and adjust how sensitive a digital camera is to light.
MANUAL MODE The shooting mode in which the user has the greatest amount of control over all the camera settings
ONE SHOT MODE Pressing the shutter button halfway auto-focuses on the subject and locks until the shutter is released.
RED EYE MODE A pulse of light from a flash tube which forces a subject's pupils to contract, lessening the risk of redeye.
SHUTTER The device on a camera that opens and allows light to pass to the sensor or film for a set period of time in order make an exposure
SHUTTER PRIORITY MODE Shooting mode where the user manually sets the shutter speed and ISO, the camera selects the correct aperture for exposure, often used for moving subjects.
SHUTTER SPEED The amount of TIME that the shutter is open, as measured in seconds or fractions of a second
SLR / DSLR A type of camera where the viewfinder looks through the same lens that the camera uses to make exposures.
SPOT METERING Reading light levels from a very small area, typically 1-3% of an image area.
VIEWFINDER The part of a camera that the photographer looks through to compose and to focus the picture.
WHITE BALANCE A manual adjustment process of removing unrealistic color casts so objects that are white appear white in the image.
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