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Genetics 7th Grade

Genetics Vocabulary

A genetic trait that is HIDDEN by a dominant trait. Recessive trait
A genetic trait that expresses itself more STRONGLY than another trait. Dominant trait
The SCIENCE of heredity Genetics
CHARACTERISTICS such as leaf shape or eye color that are passed from parent to offspring. trait
The section of DNA that codes for one specific trait. gene
Consists of strands of molecules that code and store genetic information; located in the nucleus of the cell. It's like a blueprint for your body. DNA
One version of a gene Allele
Scientists who discovered the structure of the DNA molecule (notice this is PLURAL--it will be more than one name) Watson and Crick
The SHAPE of a DNA molecule. It looks like a twisted ladder. double helix
The passing of traits from parents to offspring. heredity (verb form--inherit)(My labrador inherited his yellow fur from his mother and father.)
A group of similar organisms that can reproduce together and produce fertile offspring. species(Dogs are a species of mammals. Dogs can breed and produce more dogs.)
the processing of thinking & discussing ISSUES OF RIGHT & WRONG ethics
The YOUNG of a person, animal, or plant offspring
A form of reproduction that requires TWO PARENTS and results in offspring who are genetically DIFFERENT from their parents. sexual reproduction
An organism with dominant allele AND a recessive allele for a trait. hybrid
An organism that is genetically IDENTICAL to the organism from which is was produced. clone
Created by: Triana Silliman