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chinese stories

from the site: chinese reading practice

难为情 [ nánwéiqíng ] embarrassed
光彩 [ guāngcǎi ] luster, splendor, radiance, brilliance
[ zhuō ] to catch, to seize, to clutch, to grab, to capture
青蛙 [ qīngwā ] frog
赶忙 [ gǎnmáng ] to hurry, to hasten, to make haste
[ yǎng ] to raise, to bring up, to keep, to support, to give birth
渐渐 [ jiànjiàn ] gradually
大自然 [ dàzìrán ] nature
害虫 [ hàichóng ] injurious insect, pest
感到 [ gǎndào ] to feel, to sense, to have the feeling that, to think that, to move, to affect
不好意思 [ bùhǎoyìsi ] to feel embarrassed, to find it embarrassing, to be sorry (for inconveniencing somebody)
悄悄 [ qiāoqiāo ] quietly, secretly, stealthily
比赛 [ bǐsài ] match, competition, game
跳绳 [ tiàoshéng ] to jump rope; a jump rope
[ shǔ, shù, shuò ] number, several, to count
上场 [ shàngchǎng ] on stage, to go on stage, to take the field
失误 [ shīwù ] lapse, mistake, to make a mistake, fault, service fault (in volleyball, tennis etc)
砰砰 [ pēngpēng ] (onom.) slam。 the sound of a beating heart
乱跳 [ luan tiao] to beat wildly
[ bèng ] to jump, to bounce, to hop, to leap, jumping
弃权 [ qìquán ] to abstain from voting, to forfeit, to waive one's right to vote, to abdicate
成了 [ chéngle ] became, has become; be ready, be done
全家 [ quánjiā ] whole family
以为 [ yǐwéi ] think, consider, believe
[ chǒu ] ugly, shameful, disgraceful, clown, comedian, 2nd terrestrial branch
倒霉 [ dǎoméi ] have bad luck, be out of luck
干嘛 [ gànmá ] what are you doing?, whatever for?, why on earth?
世纪 [ shìjì ] century
二十年代 [ Èrshí niándài ] The twenties
加利福尼亚 [ jiā lì fú ní yà ] California (US state)
西部 [ xībù ] western part
修建 [ xiūjiàn ] to build, to construct
铁路 [ tiělù ] railway, railroad
内战 [ nèizhàn ] civil war
最先 [ zuìxiān ] (the) very first
居住 [ jūzhù ] to reside, to dwell, to live in a place, resident in
艰难 [ jiānnán ] difficult, hard, challenging
取得 [ qǔdé ] to acquire, to get, to obtain
成就 [ chéngjiù ] achievement, success
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