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PCS English10F

To Kill a Mockingbird Characters

Scout narrator of the story; female; 6 years old; doesn't have a mom (died when she was 2); close to her brother, Jem
Jem Scout's brother; male; 10 year old; misses mom because he remembers her; looks out for Scout
Charles Baker Harris (Dill) visits Maycomb in the summer; male; 7 years old; very little for his age
Arthur Radley (Boo) the mysterious neighbor the children never see
Miss Maudie Atkinson lives across from Jem and Scout; most open minded citizen of Maycomb; would rather garden than read her bible; often talks to the children especially Scout; hates gossip
Miss Stephanie Crawford gossipy neighbor who knows family history in the whole neighborhood
Bob Ewell spends his welfare check on alcohol
Mr. Cunningham upright farmer who refuses charity; Walter's father
Walter Ms. Caroline tries to give him a quarter for lunch, but he won't accept it because he can't repay it
Ms. Caroline Scout's teacher; doesn't like that Scout can already read; tells Scout that her father should stop teaching her
Miss Rachel Dill's aunt who lives next door to Finches
Calpurnia cook/housekeeper for Finches
Tom Robinson a hard working young black man who is accused of crime
Heck Tate the sheriff, who is a good friend of the Finches
Jack the bachelor uncle who visits every Christmas
Created by: Ms.Sala