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Quiz #2

Digital World

Byte. Basic unit of storage, 0 to 255.
How many bytes in a terabyte? 1 trillion bytes.
JPEG. Stores compressed images.
WAV. Stores uncompressed audio.
Operating System. Communication between hardware and software, operator is always running, allows you to install and remove programs, launch programs, make hardware. (EX: Apple IOS 10, Google Android, MAC OS)
Web Server. A program that uses HTTP to serve the files that form webpages to users in responses to their requests.
Web Browser. A software application for getting, presenting, and sending resources over the World Wide Web. (Apple Safari, Google Chrome)
What does URL stand for? Uniform Resource Locator.
Who founded the World Wide Web? Tim Berners-Lee.
3 things on the internet that are not the world wide web. Email, video calls, text messages.
Cloud storage providers. Google Drive, ICloud, Skydrive.
HTTP. Hypertext Transfer Protocol, used by the World Wide Web to define how messages and transmitted and formatted, standard communication between web browser and server.
Cloud Storage. A model of data storage where the digital data is stored in a virtual device that provides usable storage in a computer system, it puts space into somebody else's server.
HTTPS. The computers agree on an encrypted code for privacy.
What's older, doc or docx? Doc. (Microsoft)
Created by: emarciante9