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Test Review Unit II

Bob Jones British Literature unit II

Old English literature reacted against the _________________ threat to society external
Middle English literature sought to remedy the ___________________ threat to society internal
The end of the English Middle Ages was the ascension of Henry VII to the throne
Which two languages contributed to the growth of the English language during the fourteenth century? French and Latin
English medieval poets who wrote for sophisticated audiences were mostly which nationality? French
Which three movements is Wycliffe associated with? nationalism, scholasticism, Lollardism
In "For the Order of the Priesthood," what did Wycliffe teach that is the primary requirement for clergy? a godly lifestyle
In his attack on wealthy, worldly clergymen, Wycliffe cites whom? Bernard of Clairvaux
True or false - Chaucer remained socially conservative in his later years. true
Chaucer was born into the _____________________ class, rose in the ranks of the ___________________________, and married into the _________________________________________. middle class, aristocracy, nobility
Chaucer used satire to do what? entertain and show moral indignation
Chaucer's ______________________________________ gave him insight into human nature and social institutions. experience
How many stories were originally planned for The Canterbury Tales? 120
True or false: the Monk and the Friar were companions false
In "The Nun's Priest's Tale", which reference has to do with the Bible story of the fall of man? the reference to the month of March
In the legend of King Arthur, what change did the French make to his rank? they changed him from chieftain to king.
In the legend of King Arthur, what element did the Welsh people add? supernatural elements
Eventually, when the legend of King Arthur traveled around northern Europe and came back to England, in what way did it develop for the country? It became fiercely patriotic and represented the country of England and all it stood for during medieval times.
Which dynasty claimed descent from Arthur? the Tudor dynasty
In Morte d'Arthur, what are some incidents that foreshadow the outcome? Lancelot says that Beaumains is "a man of great worship"; the narrator mentions that Beaumains and Sir Gawain are related and that Beaumains is interested in watching jousting.
What are three characteristics of a typical ballad? repetition, detachment, conciseness
The writers of the Middle English period declared what to be a remedy for the ills of society? a return to the ideals of the past
what is scholasticism? philosophy blended with theology - it attempted to use reason to support faith.
what are some elements of medieval romance? an adventurous knight's quest, romantic love, acts of chivalry, supernatural elements, and the ideals of civilized society .
What are indulgences? drafts (like writing a check), on the heavenly treasure (bank), of merit (good works done by the saints).
What is Wycliffe's two-part plan for evangelizing England? Training and sending out preachers of the gospel and translating the Bible into English
What are some similarities between Chaucer and Wycliffe? both wrote in the East Midland dialect, both lived in England at the same time, were friends with John of Gaunt, were favored by the crown, were critical of religious fraud, both combined aristocratic and popular points of view in their writings.
What is a frame tale? a group of stories unified by a central situation
What is the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales? the section in which the author gives his plan for the work.
What is a beast fable? A moral tale in which the animals act the parts of human beings
what is a mock epic? a work that treats a trivial subject in heroic terms
in Morte d'Arthur, why does King Arthur agree to let Beaumains try to rescue the damsel? because Arthur had promised to grant him three wishes and this was one of them.
Why are there so many versions of ballads? because of hundreds of years of oral tradition
What point of view does the famous Robin Hood cycle of tales communicate? The common man's viewpoint.
a characteristic of secular medieval literature social satire with allegorical overtones.
true or false - Wycliffe was tried for heretical beliefs. true
what were Chaucer's aims in writing the Canterbury Tales? literary and moral
What is the origin of the legend of Arthur? the exploits of a Celtic chieftain in the fifth century
For more review on the specific characters from the Canterbury Tales: search study stack for: Canterbury Tales prologue characters
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