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what is the name of the player that the book is about? STAN2012 !
what is the name of the player stan first meets? charlie or kingcarlesvIII
who is the player who attaked stan and charlie on the second day on the surver? kat or kitkat
what is the name of the leader of the assasin group named rat1? GENO
what is the name of the village that took stan charlie and kat revuge? THE ADORIAN VILLAGE
what is the nickname of bill ,ben,bob? THE NETHER BOYS
who is the leader of the adorian village? adora
who is the sword fighter of the adorian villge? sally
who is the axe fighter of the adorian village? jayden
who is the archer of the adorian village? archie
what did stan have for his first breacfast at the adorian village? cake
what is the name of the king of the server? king kev
who of the council ran against stan as presedent? goldraven
what is the name of the ruthless killer in the riot control? minotauras
who has a secret crush on kat? g or goldman
who is the auther ? sean fay wolfe
who invented the tennis machinein the 2nd book? the mechanist
who was king kevs best friend but not to be? avery700,adam711and mrA
Created by: bob10093