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Transportation Vocab

Transportation Vocab - All Words

3PL A company that works with shippers to manage their logistics operations, which can include elements of warehousing, transportation management software, freight rate negotiation, in-depth reporting, forecasting, freight bill auditing and much more.
Consolidation Combining two or more LTL shipments with the same origin and destination into a full LTL shipment
Mode Conversion Optimizing a freight network to achieve the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation
Crossdocks _________________ is done by moving cargo from one transport vehicle directly into another, with minimal or no warehousing
Intermodal (IML) The combination of two or more transportation modes. The most common combination is train and truck.
Container A big box (ten to fifty three ft long) into which freight is loaded
Chassis Wheeled structure that supports container for over the road travel
Drayage Truck portion of IML from customer or receiver to the ramp
Ramp Railyard where containers are loaded onto and removed from train
Ingate Process of checking a container into an intermodal facility
Per Diem A payment rate one railroad makes to use another's car
Cut-off time The latest time a container may be taken to the ramp to load on that day’s train
Available Time A goal set by rail for when container will be ready for pickup at destination
Notify Status Indicates that a container has been removed from the train at destination and is ready for pickup
DRY VAN A trailer that is completely enclosed and does not have any temperature control units attached
TRUCKLOAD (TL) ___________________is a service where the customer rents the entire trailer between the origin and destination.
REEFER A truck that has a temperature control unit attached to help control the temperature of the inside of the truck
LINEHAUL The price charged per mile for the transit of the truck
FUEL SURCHARGE Extra charge added to the price to compensate for the varying price of fuel. Charged per mile, changed weekly
HOURS OF SERVICE Government regulations that dictate how many hours a driver can operate per day/ week/ month
TEAM SERVICE When two drivers alternate operating the same truck to extend hours of operation for quicker transit
Less Than Truckload (LTL) _______________________means the shipment doesn’t completely fill a Full Truckload (FTL). A LTL shipment is typically palletized and ranges anywhere from 150 lbs to 10,000 lbs and 8 to 10 standard pallet spaces or less.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) An electronic transmission of data
211 (LTL) or 204 (TL/IML) Our pickup request to the carrier
210 EDI Carrier’s invoice
214 EDI Carrier's movement records/status events
Tracking # or PRO # A number given to a shipment by the carrier to track its whereabouts from origin to destination.
NMFC National Motor Freight Classification – a standardized method of freight classification
Terminal A warehouse or building where freight is taken to sort and distribute to other locations.
Lift Gate An accessorial for when a device used to lower freight to ground level
Lumper/Labor An accessorial for when a carrier hires additional labor to unload
Sort & Seg An accessorial for when a carrieris required to break the pallet down, separate and count cartons
Detention An accessorial for when a trailer is detained by shipper or consignee beyond free time
After Hours An accessorial for when pickup or delivery requested prior to 7 am or after 5 pm
Guarantee Delivery An accessorial for when a service is requested by shipper to provide guaranteed delivery; must be noted on BOL
Vehicle Ordered/Freight Not Available An accessorial for when freightis not available when carrier arrives to pickup
Cube An accessorial for when a shipment takes up too much space in the truck
Residential Delivery An accessorial for when a delivery to a house or residence is needed
Reconsignment An accessorial for when a shipment is diverted to a alternate location not listed the BOL
Redelivery An accessorial for when a shipment is tendered for delivery and delivery cannot be accomplished on the first try due to shipper or consignee error
Weekend Pick/Delivery An accessorial for when a shipment scheduled to pickup or deliver on a weekend
Hazmat An accessorial for when a carrier hauls hazardous materials
Temp Control An accessorial for when shipper requests that the freight be protected from freeze or heat
Inside Delivery An accessorial for when a carrier is required to move a shipment to points beyond adjacent loading/unloading position
Storage An accessorial for when shipments that cannot be delivered by act or omission of shipper or consignee and are held by carrier
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