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LA Vocab

Disgrace To cause someone to feel ashamed
Madras A material pattern used in clothing
Muttered To speak quietly so that it is difficult for other people to hear what you say.
Reckless Not showing proper concern about the possiblke bad result of your action
Bawl To cry very loudly.
Quivering To shake because of fear, cold, or nervousness.
Unfathomable Impossible to understand.
Rarities A person or thing that is not common or usual.
Savvy Practical understanding or knowledge of something.
Roguishly Showing in a playful way that you have done something wrong.
Winced To have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain.
Incredulous Not able or willing to believe something.
Scowled To look at someone or something in a way that shows anger or disapproval.
Nonchalantly Relaxed and calm in a way that shows that you do not care or are not worried about anything.
Scatterbrained A person who is unable to concentrate or think clearly.
Shanghai(ing) to make (someone) do something by using force or tricks.
Heaters Guns or Weapons
Gallantly showing courage : very brave
Aloofness not involved with or friendly toward other people
Ornery easily annoyed or angered
Elite the people who have the most wealth and status in a society :the most successful or powerful group of people — usually singular
Dumbfounded very shocked or surprised
Cunning getting what is wanted in a clever and often deceptive way
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