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Greek & Roman Gods

Greek & Roman Mythological Gods

Greek NameRoman/Latin NameDescription
Hera Juno Protector of Marriage
Poseidon Neptune Ruler of the Sea
Hades, Polydectes Pluto God of the Underworld and Precious Metals
?libitina Libitina Goddes of the Underworld
Pallas Athena Minerva Goddess of the City, Education/Science, and War
Phoebus Apollo Apollo God of Sun, Truth, Music, Healing
Artemis, Orthia, Phoebe Diana Goddess of Wild Things, Hunter-in-Chief
Aphrodite, Anadyomene Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty
Hermes, Pyschopompus Mercury God of Commerce and Market, Zeus' Messenger
Ares Mars God of War
Enyo Bellona Lesser Goddess of War
Hephaestus Vulcan, Mulciber God of the Forge and Fire, Workman to the immortals
Hestia Vesta Goddess of the Hearth and Home, also Fertility (Greek only)
?Priapus Priapus God of Fertility
Eros Cupid, Amor God of Love
Hymen ?Hymen God of the Wedding Feast
Hebe ?Hebe Goddess of Youth
?Juventus Juventus God of Youth
Iris ?Iris Goddess of the Rainbow
Persephone, Kora Persipina, Libera Goddess of Spring (Season), Underworld through Hades
Demeter Ceres Goddess of the Corn, Earth, Harvest
Dionysus, Lycaeus Bacchus, Liber God of the Vine, Wine, Merriment
Pan Inuus, Faunus God of Flocks, Sheep
Selene Luna Goddess of the Moon
Helios Sol God of the Sun
?Terminus Terminus Guardian of Boundaries
?Priapus Priapus Cause of Fertility
?Pales Pales Strengthener of Cattle
?Sylvanus Sylvanus Helper of Plowmen and Woodcutters
?Saturn Saturn Protector of the Sowers and the Seed
?Janus Janus God of good beginnings
Eileithyia, Ilithyia Lucina Goddess of Childbirth
?Pomona & Vertumnus Pomona & Vertumnus Powers Protecting Orchards and Gardens
Aether ?Aether God of Light
Eos Aurora, Mater, Matuta Goddess of the Dawn
Asklepios Aesculapius God of Health and Medicine
Hygea ?Hygea Goddess of Health
Aeolus ?Aeolus King of the Winds
Boreas Aquilo North Wind
Zephyr Favonius West Wind
Notus Auster South Wind
Eurus Eurus East Wind
Pontus ?Pontus God of the Deep Sea
Nereus ?Nereus "Old Man of the Sea"
Triton ?Triton Trumpeter of the Sea
Ate ?Ate Goddess of Mischief
Eris Dicordi Goddess of Discord
Zeus Jupiter, Jove Lord of the Sky, Gods, and Thunder, also Rain-god, Cloud-gatherer