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Master List: Art and Music History 1 first 50

Birth of Venus Botticelli
Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
School of Athens Raphael
Statue of David Michelangelo
Statue of the Pieta Michelangelo
The Mona Lisa Da Vinci
St. George and the Dragon Donatello
The Last Supper Da Vinci
The Burial of Count Orgaz Greco
View of Toledo Greco
Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer Rembrandt
The Night Watch Rembrandt
The Blue Boy Gainsborough
The Laughing Cavalier Hals
The Third of May, 1808 Goya
The Death of Marat David
Liberty at the Barricade Delacroix
The Thinker Rodin
The Kiss Rodin
Impression: Sunrise Monet
Luncheon on the Grass Manet
Dancing Class Degas
At the Races Degas
Tahitian of Girls on the Beach Gaugin
Luncheon of the Boating Party Renoir
Sunflowers Van Gogh
Starry Night Van Gogh
The Potato Eaters Van Gogh
Sunday on the Island Of La Grande Jatte Seuret
At the Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec
Eiffel Tower Eiffel
Statue of Liberty Bartholdi
Guernica Picasso
Persistence of Memory Dali
Portrait of Paul Revere Copley
Battle of Bunker Hill Trumbell
Signing of the Declaration of Independence Trumbell
Penn's treaty with the Indians West
Portrait of Washington Stuart
Democrtic donkey, Republican Elephant, Tammany Tiger Nast
The Gulf Stream Homer
Snap the Whip Homer
Arrangement in Grey and Black Whistler
Mount Rushmore Borglum
Statue of Abraham Lincoln at Linoln Memorial French
American Gothic Wood
Christina's World Wyeth
Saturday Evening Post Rockwell
Cambell's Soup Can Warhol
The Vietnam Memorial Lin
Created by: Nathan Martinez