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Onur Formulas C10

Onur Formulas Chapter 10 Invigorate Blood

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang indication Blood Xu and Blood Stag
Xue fu zhu yu tang (drive out stasis in mansion of Blood) indication Blood stagnation in chest or head
Tao hong si wu tang herbs Si wu tang (Shu di, Bai Shao, Dang Gui, Chuang Xiong) + Hong hua, Tao ren
Main formula for blood stasis anywhere that other formulas don't resolve Xue fu shu yu tang
Shao fu zhu yu tang indication (drive out stasis in lower abdomen) indication Severe blood stag in lower abdomen...other formulas don't work
Ge xia Zhu yu tang (drive out stasis below diaphragm) Blood & Qi stag in EG & abdomen
Wu yao, Xiang fu and Zhi ke go to what meridian LR
Shen Tong Zhu yu wan (drive out stasis from painful body decoction) indication Blood & Qi stagnation in whole body
Tong qiao huo xue tang (unblock orifices and invigorate blood decoction) Blood stagmation in head & face
Shi xiao san (sudden smile powder) indication Severe sharp fixed pain in low abd, abd, EG, chest, palpable masses
Pu huang, wu ling zi formula Shi xiao san
Dan shen yin (salvia decoction) indication MJ Blood and Qi stag
Dan shen, Tan xiang, Sha ren formula Dan shen yin
Bu yang huan wu tang (tonify yand to restore 5) Severe Yang qi xu with blood stasis obstruct meridians in wind-stroke sequela
Gui zhi fu ling wan indication Blood stasis in uterus (threatened miscarriage)
Gui zhi, fu ling, bai shao, tao ren, mu dan pi formula Gui zhi fu ling wan
Sheng hua tang (generation & transformation) Post partum blood stasis with cold in low abdomen
Wen jin tang (warm the menses) Xu and cold of ren chong & blood stasis
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang (Revive Health by Inv. Bld) Blood stasis D/T traumatic injury(chest, HC, flanks + poor health)
Die Da Wan (Trauma Pill) Blood stasis D/T traumatic injury (acut soft tissue)
Qi Li San (7000 tail) Acute trauma topical soft tissue & bone
Created by: margvan