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HT/SI Patterns

Palpitations, SOB, spontaneous sweating, tiredness, pale tongue, xu pulse. HT qi xu
Palpitations, SOB, spontaneous sweating, cold hands, stuffiness or discomfort in the heart region, pale tongue, deep - weak pulse. HT yang xu
Palpitations, SOB, weak and shallow breathing, profuse sweating, cold limbs, cyanosis of the lips, greyish - white complexion, pale or bluish tongue, hidden - minute knotted pulse. HT yang collapse
Palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, startles easy, poor memory, anxiety, mental restlessness, dry mouth and throat, night sweating, tongue w/no coating, floating - xu pulse. HT yin xu
Palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, startles easy, dull-pale complexion, pale - thin tongue, choppy or fine pulse. HT xue xu
Palpitations, thirst, mouth and tongue ulcers, mental restlessness,feeling agitated, insomnia, dream - disturbed sleep, red face, dark urine, bitter taste, red tongue w/ redder tip, swollen w/ red points, yellow coating, overflowing pulse. HT fire blazing
Palpitations, thirst, red face, bitter taste, oppression of chest, expectoration of phlegm, mental restlessness, insomnia, rash behaviour, uncontrolled laughter, shouting, muttering, red and swollen tongue, red tip, red points, yellow - dry - sticky coat Phlegm fire harassing the heart
Mental confusion, unconsciousness, lethargic stupor, incoherent speech, vomiting of phlegm, rattling sound in throat, emotional lability, aphasia, very dull eyes, swollen tongue, thick - sticky coat, HT crack, slippery pulse. Phlegm misting the mind
Palpitations, feeling of distention or oppression in the chest, depression, lump in the throat, SOB, sighing, poor appetite, dislike lying down, weak and cold limbs, slightly purple lips, pale complexion, pale - purple on sides in chest area, xu pulse. HT qi stagnation
Palpitations, stabbing or pricking pain in the chest, constriction or oppression of the chest, cyanosis, cold hands, purple tongue, choppy, wiry or knotted pulse. HT xue stasis
Palpitations during daytime? HT qi xu
Palpitation during afternoon or night-time? Difficult to fall asleep, but sleeps well? HT xue xu
Difficult to fall asleep, but wakes up many times during the night? HT yin xu
Bitter taste that occurs every day? LV fire
Bitter taste in the morning after a bad nights sleep? HT fire
Mental restlessness, insomnia, tongue/mouth ulcers, deafness,sensation of heat in the chest, ab pain, thirst w/ desire to drink cold liquids, scanty and dark urine, red tongue, red and swollen tip, yellow coat, overflowing - rapid pulse. Shi heat in SI
Lower ab twisting pain that may extend to back, distention, dislike of pressure, borborygmis, flatulence, pain relieved by gas, pain in testis, white tongue coat, deep - wiry pulse (rear positions) SI qi pain
Severe ab pain, dislike of pressure, distention, constipation, vomiting, borborygmis, flatulence, thick white coat, deep - wiry pulse. SI qi tied
Dull ab pain alleviated by pressure, desire for hot drinks, borborygmis, diarrhea, pale and abundant urination,cold limbs, pale tongue, white coat, deep - weak and slow pulse. SI xu and cold
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