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Onur-Formulas C9

Onur Formulas Chapter 9 Regulate Qi

Yue ju wan (escape restraint pill) indication Mild LR qi stag 5 types...qi, blood, heat, phlegm food
Where do we see the S&S or LR Qi stagnation? HC/chest, inguinal, PMS; Chest/back pain, cough SOB; MJ EG/ABD, belching, acid reflux
Is it true that the herbs used in formulas to move LR qi don't have to do with LR? Yes
Xiang fu, Chuan xiong, Zhi zi, Cang zhu, Shen qu formula Yue ju wan herbs
Ban xia hou po tang indication Plum pit qi D/T emotional upset..root is LR
Purpose of Hou po & Zi su ye in Ban xia hou po tang expand chest and tsf. phlegm in UJ
Gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang indication Chest bi D/T HT yang xu (cold phlegm obstruction)
Gua lou, xie bai, bai jiu formula Gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang herbs
Gua lou xie bai ban xia tang indication Chest bi D/T HT hand xu with pronounced cold phlegm
Jin Ling zi san indication Pain D/T LQS turn to heat and stagnation (sever LR channel pain with heat)
Liang fu wan indication EG & HC pain D/T cold in LR
Tian tai wu you san/Nuan gan jian indication Hernial disorders D/T cold in LR channel
S&S of Rebellious Qi Nausea, vomit, belch, acid reflux, hiccup, dry heaves (ST) Cough, wheeze, asthma (LU)
Ding Chuan Tang (arrest wheeze) indication Wheeze d/t WC constraining the ext. & phlegm heat smoldering in the Int.
Bai guo, Ma huang, Tu si zi, Xing ren, Kuan dong hua formula Ding Chuang Tang herbs
Si mo tang (4 milled decoction) indication Constraint & clumping of LR qi D/T injury from emotional upset (ST & LU Qi rebellion)
Ren shen, Bing lang, Chen xiang, wu yao formula Si mo tang
Xuan fu dai zhe tang indication ST qi rebelling D/T xu cold and phlegm obstruct ST (watery clear vomit)
Purpose of Xuan fu hua and Dai zhe shi in Xuan fu dai zhe tang Weigh down ST qi
Purpose of Ban xia and Ren shen Nausea & vomit
Ju pi zhu ru tang indication ST qi rebelling D/T phlegm heat obstruct ST (sour foul vomit)
Chen pi, Zhu ru, Ren shen, Sheng jiang, ZGC, Da zao formula Ju pi zhu ru tang herbs
Purpose of Chen pi & Zhu ru Clear ST heat
Created by: margvan