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Photoshop CC

Basic Photoshop navigation, menus, buttons, shortcuts, layers, curves, workspace

Free Transform shortcut CTRL+T
Rectangular ........ Tool Marquee
Background colour fill shortcut CTRL+Backspace or Delete
With a Selection Tool I add to the selection using the ... key SHIFT
They can be found in Layer Panels, Brush Settings, Layer Styles. Blending Modes
I can Inverse a Selection using this shortcut. CTRL+SHIFT+I
CTRL+Click This selects everything when a Layer icon is clicked.
With a Selection Tool I subtract from the selection using the ... key ALT
With a Selection Tool I get the intersection of two selections overlapping using the ... keys SHIFT+ALT
It determines the purity of a colour. Saturation
The tool that moves and blurs pixels. Smudge
A tool that works with shadows, midtones and highlights. Levels
What is the name of the area of the PS workspace where all the objects are placed? Canvas
When a layer has 0% opacity it is...? Transparent
Which compression method is not available for TIFF images? RAR
Which compression method (type of file) causes loss of information (Lossy) JPG
A PSB file can have up too ... pixels quality. 300.000 px by 300.000 px
A sRGBiec61966-2.1 Colour profile is used when I prepare images for use in the ... Internet
With this technique I can hide parts of an image in a layer by painting with black over it. Layer Mask
The definition of range of colour. Hue
With this technique/procedure I can alter, rotate, flip, change perspective of a selected item. Free Transform
The tools that are activated with the letter "O". Dodge, Burn, Sponge.
Which colour range/profile is used for printing? CMYK
In the Video Timeline we can also add a ... channel. Sound
This option can not be found in the Filter Gallery. Render
Which letter key is used to see Photoshop in standard, maximized, full screen with menu bar and full screen? F
A selection has been saved as an alpha channel. We want to use it again so we ... ALT+Click on the Alpha Channel
We use Levels to fix the tone of an image. The points of the histogram on the right of the white triangle regulator... ...become white.
The shortcut key for the Crop tool. C
To use the Clone Stamp Tool I must firt... ...press ALT and click to select the origin/reference point.
We paint an image using the Brush tool. Which adjustment determines how fast the colour will come? Flow
We use the Brush Tool to paint, which Blendind Mode will always give darker colours as a result? Multiply
How do we group a number of different layers? By selecting the layers and pressing CTRL+G
What does it mean to scale an image? To change the size by maintaining the analogies (width and height)
Which filter allows us to apply Sharpening in the dark, bright and medium bright parts of an image? Smart sharpen
We take a photograph with a digital camera using long exposure time without a tripod. Which adjustment in the Smart Sharpen filter should we use to reduce the blur? Remove Motion Blur
Which filter do we use to remove the JPEG Artifacts from an image? Noise > Reduce Noise
We need to apply filters for a special effect. We want to use a series of filters, load them more than once and change the queue of application. Which menu do I use? Filter> Filter Gallery
The resolution of printers is counted in .... and the resolution of the images on-screen in... Dots; Pixels
What do the RGB initials stand for? Red, green, blue
What does ppi stand for? Pixels per Inch
If in a word a letter is standing much higher than the other letters, which font option was used for this effect? Baseline Shift
A PSD File can contain... ...all its layers.
What kind of mask does a Shape Layer create by default? Vector mask
In the Gradient Editor we put a stop for .... on the top of the bar and a stop for ... on the bottom. Opacity, Colour
When we want to paint to replace a certain colour but maintain the brightness as is, which tool do we use? Color Replacement Tool
In which file format should we save an image with a transparent background to maintain it? PNG
How can we add in an area by using the Channels Palette? By painting with white in the Alpha channel.
When we select an area... ....we can paint only in the selected area.
When we make a selection using the Quick Mask, we add to the selection.... ....by painting with white.
If we share our PC, how do we save the current appearance of our Photoshop panels? Window > Workspace > Save Workspace
We use this to put information in an image file (description, keywords, copyright information, etc) in Photoshop. File > File Info
We have an image with a 8 inch x10 inch resolution. We want the final result to be 4 inches x5 inches with 266 dpi resolution. Which resolution should we use in the scanner? 133 dpi
We used the rectangular marquee tool for a selection. How do we modify only the selected area without affecting the rest of the image? Select>Transform Selection
Vignette is the effect that.... ...deforms the edges of an image or photo by making them fade into the surrounding colour.
The way to change a Smart Object into an editable layer is to... ...rasterize it.
The shortcut for copying a layer or a selection. CTRL+J
Which selection tool is based on pixels of similar colour? Magic Wand tool
Layer Styles menu is used to apply... ...dropping shadow, emboss, etc
We used the elliptical marquee tool for a selection. Which key do we press to pan (move while we still drag) the elliptical marquee? Space key
We create a new image file with these dimensions: 100px width to 100px height. We use the RGB colour mode. The file size will be... 30.000 (100px x 100px x3)
We create a new image file with these dimensions: 100px width to 100px height. We use the CMYK colour mode. The file size will be... 40.000 (100px x 100px x4)
We have made a selection around a circular area using the elliptical marquee tool. We want only the perimeter of the circle that is going to be selected. Which menu command do we use? Select > Modify > Border
While using one of the Selection tools, which key combination adds to the selection? SHIFT + Drag
While using one of the Selection tools, which key combination moves the selection? ALT+CTRL+Drag
Which file extension is used by Camera Raw for editing and archiving raw data (data directly from the camera when a photograph is captured)? DNG (Digital Negative, used by the Adobe company, each brand may have its own format for this)
We want to fix an image with a big irregular stain. What do we do? We select the stain using the Patch tool and we drag over a clean area.
While using one of the Selection tools, which key combination takes the intersection from the selection? ALT+SHIFT+Drag
We want to use an adjustment layer to edit the colour in an image without affecting grey or the contrast. Which colour function do we use? LAB
These settings in the "metadata" selection in the "Save for Web" submenu creates the smallest file size and does not save any kind of metadata? None
We add an alpha channel in a document to... ...make a selection.
We are editing a portrait of a person in order to remove the background and add some transparency in the hair. We... ...make a selection of the face and with a layer mask we edit the edges.
In the Levels dialog box when we drag the triangle buttons we... ...can see the bright and the dark areas of the image. The areas that are going to be cut if we regulate the bright and dark pixels of the image appear.
Using the eyedropper tool, which selection detects the exact value of a pixel when we click? Point sample
In the Preset Manager Dialog Box we want to see the name and the small icon of each tool. What do we choose? Small List or Large List
We have a layer with the photo of a landscape and directly underneath it a layer with a text/word. Which method do we use to make the landscape appear only inside the text's characters (like a fill or a pattern)? We create a clipping mask.
What do we create while painting with grey or other colour in the Quick Mask mode? A semi-transparent area.
We need to make a selection spread outwards, which option do we use? Expand
We want to cut several images in specific dimensions. Which tool do we use? We use the Crop tool by typing the dimensions and the resolution in the respective option boxes.
This tool is used for replacing a point on a path. Direct selection.
We use this tool in a Layer mask to create a smooth fading in the mask edges. Feather
We want to create an image file that can be used by other users in many programs. We want to make it fully compatible with every application. Which image file do we use? TIFF
When we use the Layer Style dialog box, which option do we use to create a shadow that falls within the boundaries of our object? Inner Shadow
Which adjustment do we use to increase the transparency of the layer content without changing the level styles? Fill
In the Video Transition Fades we want to use an effect that will fade the first video and strengthen the next. Which option do we use? Cross fade
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