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Romeo and Juliet 2

Act Two

WordDefinitionExample Sentence
enmity (noun) absolute and severe hatred Tybalt's anger toward Romeo can be classified at as enmity, since Tybalt will never forgive Romeo's actions.
feign (verb) to pretend Have you ever feigned surprise, even though you knew it was coming?
baleful (adj) threatening harm; destructive Mrs. Tilton shot a baleful glance at the students because they would not stop talking during the lecture.
wanton (adj) immoral; lewd; immodest Perhaps Mercutio has bad dreams because he had wanton behavior toward a woman and got in trouble for it.
poultice (noun) a mass of soft material used to relieve soreness; a remedy for soreness The athlete applied a poultice to his/her sore muscle after the touch practice.
unweildy (adj) clumsy; difficult to carry because of size or weight The first computer was said to be huge, unwieldy compared to today's ultra thin laptops.
sallow (adj) a sickly, yellowish hue Mrs. Tilton always looks sallow and near the point of vomiting after riding the Twirling Turtles at Storyland.
peril (noun) danger You might find yourself in great peril if you touch a live wire.
repose (noun) rest or relaxation The baby seemed so sweet in repose, but was a boisterous terror when she was awake.
blazon (verb) to announce or proclaim something vividly The company responsible for the oil spill had its name blazoned on the national news.
Created by: MrsTilton