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AW; Test 1; Ch 16-18

Advanced Word; Test 1; Ch 16-18

Before you create the main document to be used in a merge, you must determine what type of correspondence you will be creating and... what type of information you will need to insert in it.
When the Insert Word Field: Fill-in dialog box displays, type a short message indicating what should be entered with the keyboard.
To insert ____ from the data source file, click the Insert Merge Field button arrow and then click the desired field at the drop-down list that displays. An individual field
You can turn off the preview feature by clicking the ____ button. Preview Results
A record is a series of… Fields.
How many Fill-in fields can a document contain? Any number
To insert a Fill-in field in a main document, begin by clicking the ___ button in the Write & Insert Fields group on the Mailings tab. Rules
As you type the main document, insert ___ identifying where you want variable information to appear when the document is merged with the data source file. Fields
Word saves a data source filed as a(n)… Access database
You will most likely want to use a Fill-in field in a merge operation for information that… Changes on a regular basis, such as a customer’s monthly balance.
You should create a merged directory when you want… The merged information to remain on the same page.
To create customized envelopes, prepare an envelope main document to be merged with the data source file using options at the… Envelope Options dialog box.
In the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, a check mark before the first field in a record indicates… To include that record in the merge.
Word merges the main document containing a fill-in field with the data source file after you have entered the required information… For each record in the data source file.
The two files required to do a mail merge are: a data source file & a main document
Which file that is used for a mail merge contains variable information? a data source file
Which file that is used for a mail merge contains the constant information? a main document
This term refers to all of the information for one unit in a data source file. record
What is one component of a record called? a field
Do you have to have Access on your computer to do a mail merge? no
Use this button on the MAILINGS tab to insert all of the required fields for the inside address in a letter. Address Block button
What kind of field is it that is inserted when you click the Address Block button? a composite field
What is a composite field? a field that is made up of more than one field
True or False: At the fourth step in the Mail Merge, you have completed your Mail Merge. False
What should you use the Preview Results button for? To check for errors.
If you find errors while Previewing Results, what should you do? Go back to the main document and edit it.
What are your options at the Finish & Merge dialog box? All records or Selected records
Use this field to insert variable information with the keyboard during a merge. Fill-in Field
True or False: Data for your Fill-in Field will exist in your data source. False
Insert this field in a main document to tell Word to compare two values and then enter one set of text or the other. If...Then...Else... Field
Verses using the ribbon to do a Mail Merge, you can also use this option: Step by Step Mail Merge wizard.
There are 5 steps to a Mail Merge: 1.) Select the type of document. 2.) Create or choose your recipient list. 3.) Enter fields where needed. (labels -- update labels) 4.) Preview results to check for errors. 5.) Finish & Merge.
What type of documents can be created with a merge? Letters, E-mail Messages, Envelopes, Labels, & a Directory
What options are available for a data source? Access database table, Word documents containing data in a table, an Excel worksheet, or an Outlook contact list.
When you click the Bullets button in the Paragraph group, ___ bullets are inserted before the selected paragraphs in the document. Round
The Preview section of the Define New Number Format dialog box… Shows how the specified custom number formatting will look.
When the automatic bulleting feature is turned on, what key(s) should you press to insert a line break in a list without inserting a bullet? Shift + Enter
The copyright (©), trademark (TM), and registered trademark (®) symbols are known as… Intellectual property protection symbols.
As you type the text for a multilevel list, press the Tab key to move to the next level and press ____ to move to the previous level. Shift + Tab
What is the keyboard shortcut for inserting a nonbreaking space into a document? Ctrl + Shift + spacebar
To change Word’s default numbering, click the Numbering button arrow and then click the option you desire at the… Numbering drop-down gallery.
Where and why should an en dash used? Between inclusive dates, times, or numbers to mean “through”
To insert custom bullets, click the Bullets button arrow and then click the desired bullet type at the drop-down gallery, which displays both ____ bullets and an option for define new bullets. The most recently used.
A(n) ____ is used to indicate a break in a thought or to highlight a term or phrase by separating it from the rest of a sentence. Also used instead of a comma. Em dash
When you define a numbering format at the Define New Number Format dialog box, it ___ included in the Numbering Library section of the Numbering button drop-down gallery. Is automatically
What type of format is Numbering, Bullets, & Multilevel list? Paragraph formatting
To create a list to contain both numbers, letters, and symbols, you would use... the Multilevel list
What feature converts the parenthesis to the symbol? AutoCorrect
What is the keyboard command for a nonbreaking hyphen? Ctrl + Shift + - (the one above the numbers key)
The hyphen that is above the 'P' on your keypad is what type of hyphen? regular hyphen
When is a regular hyphen used? hyphenated words (Ex: self-movitaved)
What kind of hyphen is inserted when you use the hyphen feature in Word? Optional hyphen
How is an em-dash created with the keyboard? Alt + Ctrl + - (on the numeric keypad)
How is an en-dash created with the keyboard? Ctrl + - (on the numeric keypad)
What is a Regular space? Word decides where to end lines & automatically wraps text to the beginning of new lines.
What is a Nonbreaking space? You manually choose where to end lines & keep words together
In an alphanumeric sort, which of the following does Word sort last? Paragraphs beginning with a letter
The Sort column only option in the Sort Options dialog box is dimmed unless… A column of text is selected.
To sort only specific cells in a table, ____ and then complete the sort. Select the cells
At the Sort Text dialog box, what is the default setting for the Type option? Text
At the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, you can perform additional sorts (besides the default ascending sort) by clicking the… Down-pointing arrow at the right of the filed column heading.
Word can sort text arranged in paragraphs by… The first character of the paragraph.
To sort text by more than one field, specify the first field in the ___ option and the second field in the ____ option. Sort by; Then by
At the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, click the ___ to sort data in ascending order in a specific field. Field column heading
The default setting for theme fonts in Word are: Calibri (Body) and Calibri Light (Headings).
In which of the following cases should you use a wildcard character in the Find and Replace dialog box? To find all occurrences of a word with multiple spellings, such as Hanson and Hansen.
Options for sorting, the default for sorting is? paragraphs
You can sort text in: paragraphs, columns, or tables
Your three types of sort are: text, number, & date
Sorting is what type of format? Paragraph formatting
The default setting for the "Separate fields at" option is... Tabs
Is the default setting for the "Separate fields at" option always correct? No
When you sort text in columns, Word considers the left margin to be this field even if it's empty: Field 1
You must have __ tab(s) between your columns for Word to sort the text correctly. 1
If you select column text that has column headings, what should you choose? Header row
If you do not select Header Row when your text has column headings, what happens? The column heading is sorted with the text.
What happens to your document when you just click sort? The entire document gets selected.
If you do not want your entire document to be selected, what should you do first? Select the text or paragraphs you want to be sorted.
What is the quickest way to sort your recipients? Click on the column heading.
If you need to sort by more than one field, what to do you? Use your Sort feature.
If you are looking for a certain record, what do you do? Find Recipient
Use this wildcard character to indicate a single character in a search to find or find and replace data. Question mark (?)
What is a more practical method for selecting specific records than the one used in Chapter 16? click the Filter option at the Filter & Sort Dialog box
When do you use an And filter vs. an Or filter? And: if the data has to contain both this & that. Or: the data can contain this or that.
What is the fist thing you should do at the Sort dialog box? specify what character is creating the fields.
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