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Vocabulary Unit 2

Coax To persuade someone gradually
Discreet Cautious in conduct or speech
Imputation Fault or crime; accusation
Mendicancy The condition of being a beggar
Meretricious Apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integritiy
Prudence Careful good judgement that allows someone to avoid danger or risks
Evanesced To dissipate like vapor
Heresy A belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or opinion
Infallibility Not capable of being wrong or making bad decisions
Imminent Happening very soon
Precariously Not safe, strong, or steady
Prim To give a demure expression
Ardently Having or showing very strong feelings
Disheveled Not neat or tidy
Eliciting To get a response from someone
Exorbitant Going far beyond what is fair, reasonable, or expected
Fragile Easily broken or damaged
Resigned To give up in a formal or official way
Stipulated To demand or require as part of an agreement
Tormented Extreme mental or physical pain
Created by: anrittberg