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Word processing program A software program that includes tools for entering, editing and formatting text and graphics.
Documents The electronic file you create using word.
Insertion point In graphics-based programs, the insertion point is the point where the next characters typed from the keyboard will appear on the display screen.
Screen tip is a label that identifies the name of the button or feature, briefly describes its function.
Title bar displays the name of the document and the name of the program.
Quick access toolbar contains buttons for saving a document and for undoing, redoing ,and repeating a change.
Ribbon contains the word tabs.
Groups To combine multiple objects into one object.
Document window is a section of the screen used to display the contents of a document file on a graphical user interface (GUI) operating system
Status bar a horizontal bar, typically at the bottom of the screen or window, showing information about a document being edited or a program running.
AutoCorrect a software function that automatically makes or suggests corrections for mistakes in spelling or grammar made while typing.
AutoComplete a software function that gives users the option of completing words or forms by a shorthand method on the basis of what has been typed before.
Normal style Default style
Word wrap a feature that automatically moves a word that is too long to fit on a line to the beginning of the next line.
File a folder or box for holding loose papers that are typically arranged in a particular order for easy reference.
Save To store a file permanently on a disk
Select carefully choose as being the best or most suitable.
Formatting marks Special characters that appear on your screen but do not print.
Toggle button you use the formatting marks on and off.
Template holds place of another document.
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