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9thGrade Word Roots4

arch first, chief, rule
crac government, rule
glyph carve
hier sacred
typ model, inspiration
anti against, opposite
co-/syn- with, together
aort lift, raise
arct to press together
thes/thet to place, to put
-ic like, related to
-ics science, system, related to
-y state of, quality, act; body, group
-ate to make, to act; one who, that which
-ation an action or process
-ia condition
-is thing which
-ize to make, to act
archaic belonging to an earlier period, ancient
hierocracy government by clergymen
hierarch a religiou leader in a position of authority
archetype an original model on which something is patterned; prototype
hieroglyphics the picture script of the ancient Egyptian priesthood
hierarchy a system in which people or things are arranged according to their rank or status
synthesize combine so as to form a more complex product
coarctate pressed together; closely connected
antithesis directly contrasting or opposite
thesis the central idea of a piece of writing
aortarctia narrowing of the aorta
antithetic directly contrasting or oppostie
coarctation a narrowing or constriction
Created by: heey.its.mya