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Onur-FINAL formulas2

Onur - FINAL Formulas- (Chp. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)

Yu ping feng san Deficient Wei Qi leading to unstable exterior. Sxs include spontaneous sweat and shiny pale complexion.
Mu li san Excessive sweating d/t Qi & Yin xu
Dang gui liu huang tang Night sweats d/t raging fire from deficiency. Sxs inc: Fever, night sweat, red face, dry mouth, parched lips, irritability, dry stools.
Zhen ren yang zang tang Treats Unremitting chronic diarrhea/dysentery to the point of incontinence (may have pus & blood), possible prolapsed rectum, tenesmus.
Si shen wan Daybreak diarrhea d/t Ki Yang xu.(Must have KD Yang Xu cold symptoms.
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan Spermatorrhea d/t Kidney Qi Xu.
Sang piao xiao san Frequent urination or incontinance, cloudy urine, possible spermatorrhea.(This is HT Qi Xu + KD Qi Xu)Has a mental component.
Suo quan wan Frequent, clear, prolonged urination or enuresis. Pale tongue w/ white coat, deep and frail pulse. All due to KD Qi Xu.
Shou tai wan Threatened miscarriage or habitual miscarriage d/t to KD Yang Xu.Symptoms include bearing down sensation.
Gu jing wan Excessive menstrual bleeding or uterine bleeding w/ bright red blood and dark-purple clots. (This is for a HEAT condition d/t LR Yin Xu and LR Qi Yu)
Wan dai tang Profuse vaginal discharge that is white or pale yellow in color d/t SP and LR Xu.
Tian wang bu xin dan HT/KD Yin Xu and Disharmony. Sxs inc: Irritability, palpitations, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, very restless sleep, inability to think/concentrate, forgetfulness.
Suan zao ren tang Liver blood Xu causing HT heat. Sxs inc: Irritability, insomnia, palpitations, night sweats, dizziness and vertigo, dry throat and mouth.
Huang lian e jiao tang HT heat d/t Yin Xu following WFD.Sxs inc: Irritability w/ heat sensation in chest, insomnia, palp,anxiety. Possible tongue/mouth sores.
Gan mai da zao tang Disorientation, melancholy and crying spells, inability to control oneself, restless sleep(pos. night sweats), freq yawning.(SP Qi, HT Yin, & LR blood Xu w/ LR Qi Yu.
Chai hu jia long gu mu li tang LR Qi Yu causing blazing fire/yang rising. Sxs inc: Fullness in chest, irritability and anxiety w/ palp, delirious speech(mania).
Xiao feng san Weepy, itchy, red skin lesions over a large part of the body. W-H or W-D invade skin, mix with preexisting damp and cause skin problems.
Xiao huo luo dan Wind-stroke causing Chronic pain, weakness/numbness (esp low-limbs). Post stroke w/ cold causing pain. Also used for Wind cold Damp Bi.
Ling jiao gou teng tang Excessive Liver fire stirring internal wind. Sxs inc:High fever, irritability, restlessness, dizziness, vertigo, twitching & spasms. Possible Loss of consciousness. T: deep red, dry or burned w/ prickles. P: wiry, rapid, forceful.
Tian ma gou teng yin LR Yang Rising stirring internal wind. Sxs inc: HA, dizziness, blurred vision, and tinnitus, heat rushing to head, HTN.
E jiao ji zi huang tang Treats rigid extremities, muscle spasms and twitches, dry mouth & lips; possible dizziness and vertigo. Long-standing excess heat has damaged the LR/KD Yin and Blood causing wind.
Er chen tang Damp-phlegm obstructing MJ & UJ. Ultimate basic cold phlegm formula.
Wen dan tang GB-ST disharmony d/t phlegm-heat. Phlegm + heat manifesting in all levels.
Qing qi hua tan wan Phlegm-heat obstructing LU.Excess external heat(Wind-Heat) has scorched fluids into phlegm. I: Cough yellow, viscous sputum, distention & fullness in chest & diaphragm, nausea. THere is no EPI left.
Xiao xian xiong tang Chest Bi d/t phlegm-heat Focal distention in chest & epig., coughing up yellow-viscous sputum, constipation, bitter taste.
Bei mu gua lou san Phlegm-heat obstructing LU. Excess external heat has scorched fluids into phlegm .Cough w/ deep-seated sputum that is difficult to expectorate, wheezing, dry and sore throat. Moistens more than Xiao Xian Xiong Tang.
Hai zao yu hu tang Rock-like goiter d/t phlegm, damp and blood stagnating in neck.
Ling gui zhu gan tang Congested fluids in epigastrium d/t Spleen yang not T&T. I: Fullness in chest/hypochon, palp, SOB, coughing clear watery sputum, dizz/vertigo.
Ling gan wu wei jiang xin tang Congested fluids in Lung d/t Spleen yang not T&T. Sxs inc:Cough/wheeze w/ profuse thin, watery, white sputum.
San zi yang qin tang Cold-Phlegm in Lungs w/ food stagnation
Zhi sou san D: Wind attacking Lung w/ internal phlegm. I: Coughing w/ plenty sputum. May have chills&fever and itchy throat.(This is a chronic condition w/ deficiency.
Ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang D: Wind attacking Lung w/ internal phlegm. This is for the HA like cloth wrapped around the head exacerbated by movement.
Ding xian tang Wind attacking Lung w/ internal phlegm. I: Recurrent convulsive seizures (clonic or tonic-clonic).
Bao he wan Basic Food stagnation formula. Does NOT tonify SP.
Mu xiang bing lang wan Food stagnation formula with Betel nut to PURGE. Does NOT tonify SP
Zhi zhu wan Chronic food stagnation w/ Spleen qi xu. TONIFIES SP.
Jian pi wan Chronic food stagnation w/ Spleen qi xu. TONIFIES SP. Focus is on tonifying SP. Stronger to tonify than Zhi Zhu Wan.
Wu mei san Roundworms caused by heat in ST and Intestines. Paralyses, doesn't kill. Good preventative.
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