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Inside a computer

Key terms

Cooling Fan A powered device used to cool the processor on a computer's motherboard.
Power Supply Provides the power to a computer at 240 volts.
Sound Card A plug in circuit board that provides audio capability for a computer.
USB port A port for plugging in a universal serial bus device such as a memory stick or a peripheral device.
Network Card A plug in circuit board that provides a computer with networking capability.
Motherboard A printed circuit board containing the principal components of a computer, with slots for expansion.
RAM Random Access Memory is short term computer storage used for processing.
Hard Disk Drive A hard disk drive is a magnetic storage device for storing data.
Central Processing Unit CPU is a microchip installed on the motherboard. It is the computer's brain.
Graphics Card Attached to the motherboard to provide ports for video outputs, such as a computer screen.
Headphones An output device containing speakers that sit over each ear, for listening to PC audio output.
Keyboard Input device for entering numbers, letters and symbols into a PC.
Microphone An input device for capturing audio.
Printer An output device for printing electronic files onto paper, in colour or black & white.
Mouse A hand held input device that sends movement and clicks to the computer.
Screen An output device for displaying what is happening on the computer.
DVD Drive A drive that can read a DVD. DVDs store high density media such as audio and video.
Created by: marccoton