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CH 10 Questions

What are the three Windows settings critical to securing a computer that need to be verified as part of regular maintenance? windows updates anti-virus software network location setting
What folder holds the Windows registry; What folder holds a backup of the registry? registry location: <C:\Windows\system32\config> A backup of the registry: <C:\Windows\system32\config\RegBack>
What folder holds 32-bit programs installed in a 64-bit installation of Windows? C:\Program Files (x86) folder
What file in the user account folder stores user settings? Isuser.dat and Ntuser.dat depending on the OS
What is the purpose of the C:\Windows\CSC folder? to save offline files until connected online where it syncs
What is the purpose of the Windows.old folder? contains files from previous versions of Windows (ex. Vista) when upgrading to Windows 7.
How can you delete the Windows.old folder? Disk Cleanup Clean up system files Previous Windows installations Delete files
By default, how often does Windows 7 automatically defrag a drive? Once a week
What is another name for a file allocation unit, which is used to hold parts of a file on the hard drive? Cluster (A whole group of sectors)
On what type of hard drive does Windows 7 disable defragmenting? SSD flash drive smart card
What are two reasons to uninstall software you no longer use? Free up space on the hard drive. To have a better start up performance.
What is the file name and normal path of the Windows paging file used for virtual memory? - <C:\pagefile.sys> / normal path to get to virtual memory is: My computer>right click>properties>advance tab>performance option>advanced tab> change
What type of storage media must be used to create a Windows 7 system image? Internal/external drive DVD
What two windows utilities are used to create previous versions of files that can be recovered from the file properties dialog box? backup and restore system protection
Why is it important to not store backup of drive C onto another partition on the same hard drive? If the hard drive crashes, both partitions (volumes) will be lost.
What does Windows XP call a backup of the critical system files it needs for Windows operations? System state data
What is the %SystemRoot% folder as used in Microsoft documentation? %SystemRoot% defines your Operating System's default folder or location that all the system files are stored at.
What Windows 7/Vista utility creates restore points? System Protection
How can you delete all restore points? Turning system protection off and then back on
In what folder are restore points kept? <C:\System Volume Information>
Which dialog box can you use to manually create a restore point? The system protection tab of the system properties box.
What is the difference between the file allocation table used by the exFAT file system and the one used by the FAT32 file system? exFAT allocation table is 32-bit wide FAT 32 is 64-bit
List the steps to open an elevated command prompt window? Start Accessories Right click Command Prompt Run as administrator
In a command line, what is the purpose of the ? In a filename?
What is the purpose of the more parameter at the end of a command line? Lists information one screen at a time.
What is the command to list all files and subdirectories in a directory? dir \s
Using Windows 7 or Vista, what type of command prompt window is needed to run the Chkdsk command? An elevated command prompt window
When you want to use Chkdsk to fix file system errors and the drive is not locked, when does Windows schedule the Chkdsk command to run? The next boot up
What command is intended to replace Xcopy? Robocopy
Which Windows tool can you use to split a partition into two partition? Disk management
Which is more stable, RAID implemented by Windows or RAID implemented by hardware? Hardware RAID
When you move a dynamic disk to a new computer, what status will Disk Management first assign the drive? Foreign drive
Which editions of Windows 7 allow you to install a language pack by using Windows Update? Windows 7 ultimate & enterprise
Created by: latour14455