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Romeo and Juliet 1

Act One

QuestionAnswerExample Setence
augment (verb) to make greater or to supplement I got a second job in order to augment my meager bank account.
boisterous (adj) rowdy or rough Mrs. Tilton's classes are boisterous on acting days- the swords demand to be used- and other teachers often complain.
valiant (adj) courageous The hero of the story is often portrayed as valiant after he defeats the villain.
pernicious (adj) very destructive or harmful Slashing Mrs. Tilton's tires after she gave a pop quiz was pernicious behavior.
portentous (adj) dealing with a sign, forewarning, or omen The black clouds were portentous, a sure sign of the coming storm.
posterity (noun) future generations The names of the fallen soldiers were recorded for posterity so that their heroic actions would not be forgotten.
profane (adj) showing contempt toward sacred things My grandfather always said that walking on someone's grave site was profane.
choler (noun) anger, irritability You will soon learn the depths of Tybalt's choler toward Romeo.
virtuous (adj) having excellent morals; righteous Priests and nuns are often thought of as virtuous, people who always do the right thing.
prodigious (adj) extraordinary, marvelous; remarkable impressive in size, extent, or degree; unnatural or abnormal Ms. Murdough is known for her prodigious memory and knowledge.
Created by: MrsTilton