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NAQT Packet

Clues from and NAQT Packet

First Winner 1922- "The Story of Mankind" Other Winners- "The Giver" "Holes" Newbery Award
A man is demoted for fighting with Montano- sings "I believe in a cruel God" Verdi opera, Lago schemes, Desdemona dies Othello
Lies Below Gemini and Taurus, and contains Flame Nebula, Barnard's loop and Horsehead Nebula. Orion
39 votes for John Bell of the Constitutional Union Party Election of 1860
Early works- "Ginerva de Benci" in 1476 and "Lady with an Ermine" Known for Vitruvian man and painting of of Lisa del Giocondo Leonardo Da Vinci
Once they pass the Scharzchild radius they are bound by their event horizon. Cygnus is likely one Black Hole
Returned as Prime Minister and led Britain through the third coalition. Supported by Charles III before taking office at 24. Father led Britain to the even Year's War. William Pitt the Younger
Bishop Myriel reforms protagonist with candlesticks. Fantine dies of tuberculosis after leaving her daughter Cosette in the care of that protagonist, Jean Valjean. About the poor of Paris by Victor Hugo. Les Miserables
Battle of Bloody Marsh helped set state's Northern border which is a straight line and the St. Mary's River. Carolina Charter of 1663 set another part at 31° North Florida
Collections were gathered by Demitrius under the reign of Ptolemy Sotur, destroyed by fire by Julius Caesar, Ancient Egyptian house of learning The Great Library of Alexandria
Wrote a campaign biography of Franklin Pierce, published "Fanshawe" anonymously, also wrote "The Marble Faun" Nathaniel Hawthorne
1999 fire in one of it's tunnels killed 39 people, First Successful ascent- 1786 Mount Blanc
Lechaion and Kenchreai were ports that served this city. Lais [lah-iss] was a famed courtesan, who worked here among the temple prostitutes of Aphrodite. Lent its name to an ornate style of Greek column. Corinth
Calcium Hydroxide is 5 x 10^(-6). Governs amount of salt in solution Solubility constant
Was a Member of the Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup, Wrote "Drinking alone in the Moonlight". Daoist friend of Du Fu(poet). Li Bai
President of Columbia university, "Crusade in Europe" covered his role during the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day as commander Dwight D. Eisenhower
Two major Furrows are the central and lateral sulcus which divide each half into 4 sections. Surrounded by layers called meninges. Brain
Created by: Mrglass