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chapter 1


Byte A unit used to measure storage capacity. 1 byte = 1 character
communication technology technology that makes communication more easier and efficient
current file the file currently open and active
folder location on a disk where you can store files
hardeware computers, printers and other devices
hyperlink text or graphics that are linked to another location
icon a picture to identify an element on screen
information tech. the use of computers to collect store and distribute information
insertion point the flashing vertical line that tells you where your next text is gonna be
library a location where you can find files and folders
menu list of commands or choices
mouse a device that lets you select items on your screen
mouse pad a soft thing that you put your mouse on
mouse pointer a marker on your screen telling you where your mouse is
object item, menu
Random access menu temporary memory a computer uses
scanner a device that converts printed documents into a digital file
Read only memory fixed memory stored on a chip
scroll to page through a document
scroll wheel on top of most mouses there is a wheel
software programs that provide the instructions for the computer
software suite a group of software programs sold as a single unit
storage computer device or component used to store data
stylus pen pen shaped device used interact with a touch screen
sub folder a folder stored in another folder
template a document that styles and sample for you to make a new document
window area onscreen a program/ document where displayed
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