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Onur-Formulas C8 Q+B

Onur formulas Chapter 8 Tonify Qi+Blood

Dang gui bu xue tang (Tangkuei to tonify the blood) indication Severe blood Xu D/T injury to Yuan qi (severe Xu lao)
Gui pi tang (restore the SP) indication SP qi + HT blood xu; bleed D/T SP qi xu
Huang qi (30) + Dang gui (1) formula Dang gui bu xue tang
Si jun zi tang + huang qi, Dang gui, Long yan rou, Suan zao ren, Yuan zhi, Mu xiang Gui pi tang herbs
Purpose of Long yan rou, Suan zo ren, Yuan zhi Calm shen
Zhi gan cao tang (Honey-fried licorice) Irregular pulse D/T HT qi & Bld xu; Xu lao D/T qi, blood, yin xu
Ba zhen tang (8 treasure) indication Nourish Qi and Blood
Ba zhen tang made of 2 formulas.... Si jun zi tang + Si wu tang
Ba zhen yi mu tang (8 treasure to nourish mother) Qi & Blood xu with stasis - irregular menses, pain & clots, blood tinged vag discharge
Shi quan da bu wan (all inclusive great tonify) Tonify qi & blood, warm yang qi (cough, poor app, weak LB & knees) Non healing sores; continuous spotting
Shi quan da bu wan herbs Ba zhen tang + huang qi + rou gui
Ren shen yang ying tang (ginseng to nourish the nutritive) SP qi + HT blood xu
Created by: margvan