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Onur-Formulas C8 Bld

Onur Formulas C8 Tonify Blood

What are the 4 pales + 1 yellow Pale tongue, lips, nails, sclera + sallow yellow complexion
Tonify blood herbs are primarily for LR+HT blood xu...what are S&S 4 pales + 1 yellow, fatigue, light-headed, dizzy, vertigo, HA, weak nails & hair, poor vision, dry eyes, scant menses, insomnia, forgetful, constipation, itchy skin
Si wu tang (4 substance) indication Blood Xu (primarily LR),T & reg blood, menses, Chong and Ren
If there are heat signs with Bld Xu, substitute Sheng di for Shu di
If there is Bld Stag with Bld Xu substitute Chi shao for Bai shao
Shu di, Bai shao, Dang gui, Chuan xiong formula Si wu tang (4 substance) herbs
Qin lian si wu tang (4 substance with scutellaria and coptis) indication Blood Xu with heat cause heavy menses
Tao hong si wu tang (4 substance with safflower and peach pit) Blood Xu with blood stagnation (short menses, copious bleed with purple & sticky blood, PMS & pain worse when bleeding starts, large clots)
Bu gan tang (tonify the LR) LR blood and Yin xu, stiff LR
Ai fu nuan gong wan (Mugwort & actonite pill to warm uterus) Restless fetus D/T bld xu + cold uterus
Main formulas for restless fetus Ai fu nuan gong wan, Tai shan pan shi wanthere is 1 more
Shao yao gan cao tang (Peony & Licorice) indication Muscle spasm D/T LR blood Xu (anywhere)
Bai shao + ZGC formula Shao yao gan cao tang
Gui shi jia shao yao tang indication Postpartum mastitis or spasm anywhere
Dang gui shao yao san indication Abdominal pain due to LR/SP disharmony
What was originally used for S&S related to PG Dang gui shao yao san
Created by: margvan