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Business Math Ch. 3


A form used to list all money deposited in a bank. Deposit Slip
A record of deposits and checks. Check Register
The amount of money in an account; the difference between the two sides of an account. Balance
When funds are withdrawn from one account and deposited into another using computers. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
A computer system that lets you withdraw or deposit money in your bank account without a teller's help. Automatic Teller machine (ATM)
Transferring funds by a company directly into their employees bank accounts without writing any checks. Direct Deposit
A card that lets you pay for purchases using a terminal in a store. Debit Card
An electronic banking service that allows you to do your banking by using your personal computer and the Internet. Online Banking
A monthly report to a depositor showing deposits, payments, and balance in a checking account. Bank Statement
A bank charge or deductions for handling a checking account; a charge in addition to interest on an installment purchase. Service Charge
A check issued but not yet received and paid by the bank. Outstanding Checks
Money paid to an individual or institution for the privilege of using their money. Interest
A deposit or withdrawal that has to be recorded. Transaction
The total in a savings account at the end of an interest period after compound interest is added. Compound Amount
The difference between the original principal and the compound amount; interest figured on interest after it has been added to principal. Compound Interest
A time deposit or savings certificate. Certificate of Deposit (CD)
The fixed period of time money is on deposit in a savings account. Term
The date that marks the end of the term of a loan. When money must be repaid. Maturity Date
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