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Greek & Latin Roots

Root Meaning
Act To act
Alt High
Ann, enn Year
Anthrop Man
Aqua Water
Arch, archi Govern, rule
Arm Army, weapon
Arbitr, arbiter To judge, consider
Art Craft, skill
Arthr, art Segment, joint
Aud To hear
Bell War
Biblio, bibl Book
Bio Life
Capit, cipit Head
Cause Cause, case, lawsuit
Cede, ceed To go, yield
Cele To honor
Cens, cend To burn
Cell To rise, project
Cent One hundred
Cept, capt, cip, cieve To take, hold, grasp
Cert Sure, to trust
Cess, ced To move or withdraw
Cid, cis To cut off, be brief, kill
Circ, circum Around
Civ Citizen
Claud, clus, clud Close, shut, block
Clin To lean, lie, bend
Cog To know
Column A column
Comput To compute
Cont To join, unite
Cor, cord, cour, card Heart
Corp Body
Cosm World, order, universe
Crac, crat Rule, govern
Cred Believe, trust
Crit, cris Separate, discern, judge
Anim, anima Life, mind
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