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IT 2 Unit 2

Lesson 2: Defining Networks with the OSI Model Study Guide

How many layers are incorporated in the OSI model communications subnetwork? Answer: C, 3
Which of the following layers deals with the serial transfer of data? Answer: A, Physical
You need to install a router on your company’s network that will allow access to the Internet. What layer of the OSI does this device reside on? Answer: C, Network
You run a netstat –an command in the command prompt and notice many connections being made that say TCP in the left-most column. What layer of the OSI is TCP referring to? Answer: D, Layer 4
What layer should you attempt to use as a troubleshooting starting point? Answer: B, Data link
A standard such as 100BASE-T refers to which OSI layer? Answer: A, Physical
Almost all of your users connect to Web sites with Internet Explorer. They usually type domain names such as www.microsoft.com. What protocol is initiated by default when they press Enter after typing the domain name? Answer: C, HTTP
You need to find out the MAC address of your director’s computer. He has given you permission to access his computer. You access the command prompt. What command should you type to see the computer’s MAC address? Answer: B, Ipconfig /all
You need to find out the MAC addresses of all the computers that a particular user’s computer has connected to in the recent past. What command should you use to accom- plish this? Answer: C, arp -a
You have been instructed to capture and analyze packets on a server. What tool will allow you to do this? (Select the two best answers.) Answer: A, Protocal Analyzer and D, Wireshark
The manager of IT asks you ping his laptop to see whether your computer can find it on the network. In this scenario, the ____________ protocol is being implemented. Answer: ICMP
A ____________ switch is one that uses logical addressing to determine data paths. Answer: Layer 3
Ports 1024–49,151 are ports used by vendors for proprietary applications. They are known as ____________ ports. Answer: Registered Ports
Port ____________ is used by the File Transfer Protocol. Answer: 21
Your manager wants you to allow HTTP and HTTPS connections to the company web server. In order to do this, you need to open inbound ports ____________ and ____________. Answer: 80 and 443
Your company hosts a DNS server that resolves domain names to IP addresses. This server must have ____________ open to service those requests for name resolution. Answer: 53
You also need to see numeric information so that you know the IP address and port numbers of the destination computers. You should type the ____________ command in the command prompt. Answer: netstat -an
The IT director asks you to connect a client computer to an 802.3ab network. This network uses the ____________ standard. Answer: Ethernet
A user has connected to a Web site. The information that is sent to that user’s computer is encrypted in an encoded format. This change to the data occurs at the ____________ layer. Answer: Presentation
As you delve into a packet of data with your protocol analyzer, you notice that the frame size is bigger than the packet size. This is because the packet is ____________ inside the frame. Answer: Encapsulated
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