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unit A

understanding essential computer concepts

netbook a type of subnotebook computer that is primarily designed to allow users to access the internet and check e-mail see also slate computer
commands an instruction to perform a task such as opening a file or emptying the recycle bin
byte series of eight bits
RAM the storage location location that is part of every computer.
hard disk a magnetic storage device that contains several magnetic oxide-covered metal
expansion slot an electrical connector on the motherboard into which a card is plugged
server a computer on a network that acts as the central storage location for programs and provides mass storage for most of the data used on the network
spyware software that track a computer user's internet usage and sends this data back it the company or person that created it, usually without the computer user's permission or knowledge.
operating system a program that manages the system of a computer
database a collection of information stored in one or more computers organized in a uniform format of records and fields.