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A person who votes based on what a candidate says he or she will do in the future is said to be engaging in prospective voting
“A form of government in which the people (defined broadly to include all adults or narrowly to exclude women and slaves, for example) are the ultimate political authority.” These words best define what political arrangement? Democracy
New England’s town meetings are examples of direct democracy
In the debates over the Constitution, federalists and anti-federalists spoke of factions the way we today speak of interest groups
Insofar as the Constitution is concerned, members of Congress receive payment for their work from the U.S. Treasury
The Constitution specifically empowers Congress to coin money, declare war, and admit new states into the Union. These powers are referred to as enumerated powers
The term administrative discretion refers to which of the following? Congress sets guidelines for government agencies to follow.
Which of the following can most easily practice home style? Members of the House of Representatives
If a president neither signs nor vetoes a piece of legislation within 10 days and Congress remains in session, what becomes of the bill? It becomes law.
A Congressperson’s franking privileges pertain to official mail
Agreements between the United States and foreign nations can be made by a president’s administration, but for the agreement to go into effect it must have the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senate alone
A state’s representation in the electoral college most directly reflects the combined number of the state’s U.S. representatives and senators
Presidents can shape the nation’s legislative agenda in all of the following ways EXCEPT requiring the vice president, as president of the Senate, to participate in Senate votes
In times of national emergency, or when the government needs to act quickly and flexibly, Congress has done what with its federal powers? Delegated them to the president
The item above is taken from a Library of Congress Web page (2008). To what general political process does the information refer? Passing legislation
According to a Supreme Court decision in 2008, the Second Amendment should be understood to apply to individuals and their right to possess firearms
The Bill of Rights’ establishment clause prohibits the federal government from promoting one religion as the religion of the state
Charles Schenck was arrested and charged with the federal crime of trying to inhibit military recruitment in a time of war. What was the Supreme Court’s decision in the resulting case, Schenck v. United States (1919)? Schenck’s speech and action had presented a public danger in a time of war, and his conviction was upheld
The effect of the Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland was to strengthen federal power at the expense of state power
Each of the following is a kind of third party EXCEPT a verification party
By tradition, before a president nominates a person to serve as a federal judge, the president ensures that the senators from the candidate’s home state support his or her nomination. This is referred to as senatorial courtesy
The Grand Old Party (GOP) is a lesser-used name for what political party? Republican
Which of the following presidential candidates from the last two decades of the twentieth century is most closely associated with raising the issue of the federal government’s budget deficit? Ross Perot
The States’ Rights Democratic Party, also called the Dixiecrat Party, split from the Democratic Party in 1948 because it opposed . racial desegregation
All of the following are reasons two major parties dominate American politics EXCEPT Several state constitutions prohibit more than two political parties
What twentieth-century presidential candidate received fewer votes than his opponent but still won the election? George W. Bush
Which act forbade discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national origin? Civil Rights Act of 1964
Who was the first female speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
The tendency of different races to live in separate communities and, therefore, to attend different schools is referred to as de facto segregation
How many votes are necessary for a unanimous consent agreement to be passed in the Senate? 100 percent
Which of the following types of federal funding do states prefer? Block grants
For a case to be heard in the Supreme Court, the Court must issue a call for a lower court to send to the Supreme Court the records related to the case. This call is referred to as a writ of certiorari
What Supreme Court case in 1966 guaranteed that no individual “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”? Miranda v. Arizona
The Bill of Rights guarantees all of the following EXCEPT the right of women to vote
To prevent jurors from hearing about a trial in the media, judges will sometimes impose what restriction on journalists? Gag order
All of the following are examples of legal symbolic expression EXCEPT burning a draft card
Evidence obtained illegally cannot be used against a defendant. This principle is known as the exclusionary rule
In 1992 an independent ran for president. He advocated anti-incumbency and challenged the government to deal with the federal budget deficit. This candidate showed that third parties can provide a political outlet for dissident voters. His name was Ross Perot
Which of the following is NOT related to political activity on behalf of gender equality? Gibbons v. Ogden
Which of the following courts is responsible for granting government agents the authority to post surveillance on suspected spies? FISC
Civil liberties are freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Because civil liberties set limits on the extent to which the government can control citizens’ affairs, they are sometimes referred to as negative rights
Which of the following cases stressed government neutrality toward religion? Agostini v. Felton
According to a Supreme Court decision, the clear-and-present-danger test prohibited what type of action? Speaking against the government during wartime
Which of the following allowed President Lyndon Johnson to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression”? Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Which of the following institutions produces the paper currency for the United States? Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Congress has the power to do all of the following EXCEPT supply military operations for up to five years
According to pollsters who sample populations traits of individuals within representative groups reflect the views of the group
The term political socialization refers primarily to which of the following? The tendency for children to share political views with parents
Which of the following voters is LEAST likely to favor Republican candidates? A voter who supports a small military
What polling term is used to describe a situation in which a large majority of Americans favor or oppose an issue? Skewed distribution
Which of the following statements is NOT true Members of Congress cannot hold office for more than 24 years
All of the following provide the government with financial resources EXCEPT public debt
The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 had which of the following results? It required that the president prepare the budget and seek Congressional approval
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