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DTP Vocab

Ascender the portion of a lower case letter that extends above the x-height
Baseline the imaginary line on which text sits
Descender the lower portion of a letter that appears below the baseline
Gutter the area or white space between the columns
Insertion point the area where text can be entered in a frame
Kerning spacing between a pair of letters
Layout grid arrangement of guides to help layout text and graphics on a page
Leading the amount of white space between lines of text; measured from baseline to baseline
Outport the box containing a “+” that is located on the lower right side of a text frame which indicates that there is more text
Pasteboard the area outside the page boundaries
Program default a setting that affects all publications
Publication default a setting that affects only the current publication
Ruler guides vertical and horizontal guides that are positioned to form a grid
Selection tool the tool used to edit text frames and other graphics
Smart guides lines that temporarily appear when an object is moved to assist in alignment
Text frame handles the small squares located on the corners of a text frame when it is activated
Tracking horizontal spacing between words and letters
Type tool the tool used to edit text
Zero point the intersection of the horizontal and vertical rulers
Automatic flow the flow of text that fills one column and adds additional pages until the entire text has been placed
Clipboard the temporary storage area from where text or graphics can be copied
Dropcap the enlarged initial capital letter of a paragraph that extends for a number of lines below the baseline
Leaders dots, dashes, or other characters that “lead” the reader’s eyes across the page between columns
Master page a nonprinting page where text and graphics can be placed so that they appear on every printable page or a series of pintable pages
Semi-automatic text flow the flow of text that fills one column but retains the remaining text in the flow icon
Tall orientation another term for portrait orientation
Wide orientation another term for landscape orientation
Created by: C.Westcott