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Vocabulary for LA8-2

Vocabulary for LA 8 Japanese

character -The people or animals in the story キャラクター
character traits - The words that describe the personality of a character キャラクターの特性
setting -Where and when the story takes place 設定
theme - The message (s) the author is telling us テーマ
claim - Stating that something is the truth 請求
evidence - Facts that support your claim (from the book) 証拠
pivotal moment - An important moment in the story when the character often has a choice to make 重要な瞬間
discriminate - To treat a person or group of people unfairly because of their race, gender or religion 区別する
analysis - A careful look at something that often involves breaking it into parts in order to help you understand it better 分析
perspective - a particular attitude towards something; a point of view. 視点
protagonist - The hero or main character in the story 主人公
antagonist - The enemy or villain in the story 拮抗薬
repetition -The recurrence of an action or an event 繰り返し
parallel - two things happening at the same time 平行
patterns - Something that is repeated パターン
scene - the place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs or occurred シーン
symbolism - the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities シンボリズム
object - a material thing that can be seen and touched オブジェクト
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