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Extra Points - Head

Extra Head points per Deadman and CAM

Sishencong Four points at the vertex of the sack, grouped around Baihui DU-20 and located 1 cun anterior, posterior, and lateral to it.
Yintang At the labella, at the midpoint between the medial extremities of the eyebrows
Yuyao In the center of the eyebrow, in the depression directly above the pupil when the eyes are looking straight forward
Qiuhou Along the inferior border of the orbit, at the junction of the lateral one quarter and medial three quarters of the infra-orbital margin
Taiyang At the temple, in the tender depression approximately 1 cun posterior to the midpoint between the lateral extremity of the eyebrow and the outer canthus of the eye
Erjian When the ear is folded forwards, this point lies at the apex of the ear
Bitong At the highest point of the naso-labial groove into the depression immediately below the nasal bone
Bailao At the back of the neck, 2 cun superior to Dazhui DU-14, 1 cun lateral to the midline
Anmian Behind the hear, midway between Fengchi GB-20 and Yifeng SJ-17
Jiachengjiang 1 cun lateral to chengquiang REN-24, over the mental foramen
Jinjin Yuye These paired points are located on the veins either side of the frenulum of the tongue, jin jin to the left and yuye to the right.
Haiquan In the center of the frenulum of the tongue between Jinjin and yuye
Shanglianquan 1 cun below the midpoint of the lower jaw, in a depression between the hyoid bone and the lower border of the jaw
Qianzheng 0.5-1 cun anterior to the ear lobe
Yimeng 1 cun posterior to SJ 17
Created by: H.Chiles