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foreign Words

avant-garde (F) in the forefront
carpe diem (L) seize the day
ad hoc (L) for a particular purpose or end
ad infinitum (L) forever, endless
ad nauseam (L) to a sickening degree
aficionado (S) enthusiast, devotee
alfresco (I) in the open air
au contraire (F) on the contrary
beau geste (F) a noble gesture
blitzkrieg (G) lightning war
bon marche (F) inexpensive
bon mot (F) witty comment
bon vivant (F) person who enjoys the good things in life
cause celebre (F) a celebrated case
caveat emptor (L) let the buyer beware
c'est la vie (F) that's life
chutzpah (Y) arrogance, nerve,
corpus delicti (L) evidence of a crime
coup d'etat (F) forceful overthrow of government
creme de la creme (F) the very best, the top level
declasse (F) fallen in social standing
de facto (L) in fact
double entendre (F) word or phrase with two meanings
enfant terrible (F) terrible child, one whose behavior causes embarrassment
ennui (F) boredom
E Pluribus Unum (L) from many, one
ersatz (G) substitute, imitation
esprit de corps (F) group spirit, team spirit
ex post facto (L) after the fact
fait accompli (F) accomplished fact
faux pas (F) a social blunder
femme fatale (F) attractive, dangerous woman
glasnost (R) openness, candor
haute couture (F) high fashion dress-designing
ipso facto (L) by the fact itself
jihad (A) holy war waged on the behalf of Islam
Joie ve vivre (F) joy of living, high spirits
kitsch (G) trash
kvetsch (Y) fate or destiny
laissex-faire (F) allow to do, hands-off
machismo (S) maleness
mea culpa (L) my fault
modus operandi (L) method of operation
noblesse oblige (F) the responsibility of nobility or rank
nolo contendere (L) no contest
nom de plume (F) pen name
non sequintur (L) something that does not follow
nouveau riche (F) a newly rich person
paparazzi (I) photographers of celebrities
persona non grata (L) unacceptable or unwelcome person
piece de resistance (F) most outstanding item, showpiece
quid pro quo (L) something for something, fair
raconteur witty storyteller with interesting past
raison d'etre (F) reason for being
savoir faire (F) social know-how
schlemiel (Y) unlucky or clumsy person
semper fidelis (L) always faithful
tour de force (F) a very skillful act
verboten (G) forbidden
vis-a-vis (F) with regard to, relating to
wunderkind (G) child prodigy
zeitgeist (G) spirit of the times
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