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IT 2 Unit 1

Lesson 1: Understanding Local Area Networking Study Guide

You have a key network administrator leave a company. Therefore, what does the company depend on to continue to use the network? d) network documentation
What is the most common central device used today to connect computers to a network? b) switch
What is the most common adapter or connector used to connect a computer to a wired network? c) RJ45
Which of the following does a switch use for increased performance? c) full duplex
What do you use to isolate a group of computers within your organization? c) VLAN
What do you use to create VLANs b) switch
What zone is used to publish external websites for an organization? d) DMZ
Which topology is the most redundant and the most expensive? c) mesh
What standard describes CSMA/CD? b) 802.3
What mechanism do wireless networks use to access the network? b) CSMA/CA
What model promises the most processing power? b) distributive computing
Which model users a central database for authentication? c) client/server
What type of server does Active Director run on? d) network controller
What type of communication is sent to a single designated host? a) unicast
What is used to uniquely identify a host on a TCP/IP network? a) IP address
A _________ is a single computer or device that connects to a TCP/IP network. host
What is the central device used in wireless LANs? wireless access point
What is the difference between a switch and a hub? A hub allows only one device to communicate to another device at a time. A switch allows multiple conversations to occur at the same time.
What command do you use to test the TCP/IP stack on a computer? ping localhost (or ping or ping loopback)
What is the difference between class A, B, and C networks? Class A - 192.x.x.x Class B- 192.168.x.x Class C- 192.168.1.x
And what is the default subnet mask for each? class A networks is class B networks is class C networks is
What is ICMP Protocol? an error-reporting protocol network devices like routers use to generate error messages to the source IP address when network problems prevent delivery of IP packets.
What are the different types of server operating systems? Using server hardware sales data, IDC reports that 28% of servers run Linux compared to 50% of servers running Windows. Other popular server operating systems include Unix and z/OS.
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