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CARMALT - U.S. Presidents with MORE facts

Democrats split into North and South during 1860 presidential election but neither would renominate him Six slave states seceded to form new Confederate States of America Only bachelor president Campaigned on "Save the Union" theme James Buchanan
Campaigned from automobile to hide his wheelchair Died at beginning of 4th term Portrait on a dime Announced Pearl Harbor attack as a "Day of Infamy" Franklin D. Roosevelt
Appointed first woman as Secretary of State Signed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Passed anti-crime laws Wife is present day Secretary of State William "Bill" Clinton
Portrait on 50-cent coin Buried in Arlington Cemetery Forced U.S.S.R. to withdraw nuclear missiles from Cuba Assassinated in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy
Portrait on $1,000 bill Favored low tariffs Forced return of illegal railroad lands Dedicated Statue of Liberty Grover Cleveland
Passed Kansas-Nebraska Act, nullifying Missouri Compromise Unsuccessful attempt to seize Cuba from Spain Appointed Jefferson Davis as Secretary of War who later became President of the Confederate States Was a New Hampshire senator at age 32 Franklin Pierce
First president over all 50 states and enforced school desegration Ended diplomatic relations with Cuba Success in space with artificial satellite Helped end Korean War and start of Vietnam War Dwight D. Eisenhower
Teddy Bear namesake Likeness carved on Mount Rushmore Settled Alaska/Canada border dispute Initiated creation of Panama Canal Theodore Roosevelt
Appointed first woman to Supreme Court Built up U.S. military power Expanded Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) Iran-Contra arms scandal Ronald Reagan
Portrait on $500 bill Namesake of Alaska's Mountain, North America's highest peak Assassinated in 2nd term Acquired Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa William McKinley
Established Yellowstone Park Transcontinental railroad completed Portrait on $50 bill Political corruption at all levels of his office Ulysses S. Grant
Expanded role of government during WWI Created League of Nations 19th Amendment allowed women to vote First to have regular press conferences Woodrow Wilson
Labor unions grew Withdrew troops from South Declared winner 56 hours before inauguration Counsel for Underground Railroad Rutherford B. Hayes
Chose not to run for reelection "because o division in the American house" regarding war War policy caused riots Escalation of Vietnam War Fought for Civil Rights Lyndon Johnson
Iran terrorists hostage crisis Established full diplomatic relations with China Returned control of Panama Canal to Panama Negotiated Camp David peace accord between Egypt and Israel Jimmy Carter
"Ohio Gang" scandals rocked presidency Died in San Francisco on return trip from Alaska, after 2 1/2 years in office First presidential visit to Canada and Alaska First to radio broadcast speech Warren Harding
Purchased Alaska from Russia Slavery officially abolished Start of Southern Reconstruction Impeached by House, acquitted by Senate Andrew Johnson
First constitutional transfer of power between political groups Portrait on $2 bill Purchased Louisiana from France Likeness carved on Mt. Rushmore Thomas Jefferson
Final American troops withdrawn from Vietnam while in office did not win election to either vice presidential or presidential offices Succeeded Nixon as president when Nixon resigned Turned down NFL contract to study law Gerald Ford
Died on 55th anniversary of Declaration of Inependence His doctrine declared America closed to foreign colonization Signed Missouri Compromise Captured Florida from Spain James Monroe
Related to 4th president and Confederate General Robert E. Lee Died in White House after 16 months in office First election to be held at the same time in all states Never voted until his own election Zachary Taylor
Ordered troops into Korean War Negotiated North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) His doctrine stated US would help other nations battle Communist control Ordered use of Atomic Bom and end of WWII Harry S. Truman
Born on 96th anniversary of Declaration of Independence Did not choose to run for reelection Nicknamed "Silent Cal" Believed in minimal government Calvin Coolidge
Leader in Gulf War, triggered by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait Saw collapse of Soviet Union Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Soviet Union Father of 43rd President George H.W. Bush
Father of 6th President Believed avoiding war was most important achievement of his presidency First to occupy White House Negotiated Treaty of Paris in 1783, ending the American Revolution John Adams
First president to die in office while in the White House Served one month, shortest term Grandfather of 23rd President 2nd oldest president ever elected at age 68 William Henry Harrison
Set up trade relations with China First impeachment attempt failed First president to marry while in office First vice president to become president upon death of predecessor John Tyler
Successfully defended black rebels in the 1841 Amistad Rebellion Argued everyone has a right to freedom First congressman to suggest government's right to free slaves in times of war First president to be photographed John Quincy Adams
First elected president not to seek reelection 1849 Gold Rush spurred western expansion Mexico War victory extended nation's boundaries to Pacific Ocean Former Speaker of the House James Polk
Withdrew Senate bill to annex Hawaii First to have a child born in the White House Portrait on $1,000 bill Served 2 nonconsecutive terms Grover Cleveland
Son of 41st President Signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act Appointed first African American Secretary of State Ordered invasion into Iraq and Afghanistan George W. Bush
Death served as catalyst for civil service reform Alexander Graham Bell tried to unsuccessfully locate bullet in his back 2nd president to be assassinated Served only 6 months James Garfield
Shortest president at 5'4" Portrait on $5,000 bill President during War of 1812 Both vice presidents died in office James Madison
Became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after presidency Buried in Arlington Cemetery Declared White House to be "the lonesomest place in the world" Arizona and New Mexico joined Union William Taft
Helped form first Political Machine, an organization that trades favors for votes Believed government role should be small even in times of need First Great Depression, Panic of 1837 Ran for president 3 times Martin van Buren
First president to resign when faced with certain impeachment Watergate scandal Pulled troops out of Vietnam Improved relations with Soviet Union and China Richard Nixon
Birthday celebrated nationally Namesake of nation's capital Likeness carved on Mt. Rushmore Portrait on dollar bill and quarter George Washington
Portrait on $20 bill First presidential candidate nominated by national convention Indian Removal Act forced migration of American Indians Founder of Democratic Party Andrew Jackson
Made official trips to Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa as a U.S. Senator Taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School Served 3 terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004 Practiced as a civil rights attorney Barack Obama
Called "Little Ben" because of his size Grandson of the 9th president Electricity installed in White House Established first Pan American Congress Benjamin Harrison
Known to be a humanitarian All payment for public service went to charity Self-made millionaire at age 40 International relief work in WWI Herbert Hoover
Unsuccessfully vetoed bill prohibiting Chinese immigration Modernized navy Passed first civil service law Overcame scandal of corruption in New York to become vice president and president Chester Arthur
Likeness carved on Mount Rushmore Emancipation Proclamation freed southern slaves Assassinated at start of 2nd term Portrait on $5 bill and penny Abraham Lincoln
Financed expedition to Far East Opened door to trade with Japan Enforced Fugitive Slave Laws Last Whig president Millard Fillmore
Created by: EM4CARMALT