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porn star drink red sour puss, blue curacao, 7 up
white freeze drink red sour puss, banana liqueur, 7 upe
liquid marijuana drink coconut rum, blue curacao, bana liqueur, pineapple juice, 7up
sex on beaach drink vodka, peach schnapps, oj, cranberry, grenadine
screw driver drink vodka, oj,
cosmo drink shaker vodka, triple sec cranberry, bar lime
killer koolaid drink melon liqueur, amaretto, cranberry
tequila sunrise drink grenadine, tequila, oj
long island ice tea drink vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, barlime, pepsi
sweetish berry shot red sour puss, banana liqueur
porn star shot blue curacao, red sour puss
tree frog shot banana liqueur, melon liqueur
burt reynolds shot spiced rum, butter ripple
cotton candy shot blue curacao, tequila rose
melon blocker shot melon liqueur, jagger
bumble bee shot banana liqueur, jagger
liquid cocaine shot gold shlogger, jagger
red head slut shot jagger, red sour puss
broken down golf cart shot amaretto, melon liqueur
blue kamikaze shot vodka, triple sec, blue curacao
bazooka joe shot banana liqueur, blue curacao, irish cream
banana jack shot jack daniels, banana liqueur
sicilian kiss shot southern comfort, amaretto
buttery nipple shot
rosy nipple shot tequila rose, butter ripple
juicy pussy shot tequila rose, banana liqueur
nutty irishman shot irish cream
b-52 shot kahlua, irish cream, triple sec
rocky mountain bear fucker shot rye, tequila
peanut butter and jelly shot frangelico, chambord
polar bear shot mint, chocolate
Created by: kennah10